Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elradir & Devana nerf


Looking back, I am now a bit surprised how little it has been discussed about the nerf of the elementa link for Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elradir & Devana. And after a previous discussion, I realised that people might not realise how big it is.

At this moment, their elemental link, with no mana link, gives 0.5 tiles per turn. I just measured it a bit earlier both with Yang Mai and Frosth and average heroes with no mana troops. And I remember there was also a video of Bud Man with Malicna on this.

@PlayForFun who does a tremendous work reporting and experimenting from Beta did some tests and his conclusion was that now their elemental link gives around 0,3 tiles per turn.

For me this is a huge nerf, a decrease of 40% for the mana they were giving that was not a lot, but enough for Yang Mai or Frosth to charge an average hero or for the other three to charge a slow hero. Not to mention that if you missed one tile, getting it took two turns. Now it will take four turns.

For me the effectiveness of their elemental link will decrease greatly and while they were on my list to max, now I kind of changed my mind and I sort of regret maxing Elradir.

I would be curious to hear what others think about this, how their effectiveness in game will be influenced by this, since for me it seems that it will be greatly reduced.

PS It might be that my numbers and findings are off, but then I am curious about hearing from the ones who have the correct ones


I ignore the elemental link when deciding what to do. I treat it like a bonus.

I understand your point though.

Yes some hotms are quite underwhelming as it is.


Like these heroes were OP hahahaha… I think nobody told anything about it (including me) because this kind of ridiculousness doesn’t even deserve to get our energies.

I refuse to discuss about Feline and Zuri getting a buff and Elradir getting a nerf. Just whatever. One more step to the grave.


I understand your point of view and I consider this decision completely unfair and showing disrespect to members, as they “sold” this elemental link and only after all of them were released, after 7 months, suddenly they “realized” these heroes were too strong. Just when they started to promote new heroes that offer mana gain like Xno or even Russell and Hanitra.

And if in the case of Telluria and Vela there was a clear case that they were so present in most defenses, these HotM were rarely present in defenses, as their elemental link did not help too much there. And on offense there were many other popular HotM used - Uraeus, Glenda, Drake, Hell etc.

However, for those that still wonder who to ascend, why and how to use these heroes, at least for me it’s an important point of discussion - how much are these heroes really worth to ascend right now?


Devana is absotely worthy. Elradir not much. Frosth is also good. The others I don’t own BUT PERSONALLY I find Yang and Malicna a lot underwhelming…

About their stupid greed and “balance changes” they don’t even try to hide anymore their balance changes are now just based on how many people will spend on their portals.


They want to ‘balance’ this elemental link yet don’t want to do anything to Ludwig who is far more broken than any of these elemental links combined


It’s actually makes no sense why they even touched this elemental link. Are these 5 heroes often used on defence? I imagine them only been used on offence in a mono/semi stack. But on defence, they’re not as frequent as telly/Vela

While they’re at it, why don’t they nerf seshat, Miki, grazul, Kingston and neith from 4% to 3% mana gen?


Its is bait and switch
On a much greater scale than telluria / vela

  1. Telluria / vela were actually too prevalent on defences and making the game stale. These 5 heroes are nowhere as prevalent

  2. You may have invested precious ascension mats in up to 5 heroes, compared to 2 for tel/vela.

You may argue that the nerf is mild compared to tel/vela.
But these heroes are also much weaker than tel/vela, and would not have been ascended in the first place if their ele link was so weak.

I think SG should either compensate us, or if they proceed with the nerf, we should have a boycott of spending


Not to mention the money spent chasing these 5 heroes.
Only to nerf their most useful aspect a few months later.


And game balance cannot be used as an excuse for nerfing these heroes.

When SG just buffed an already powerful faline to OP levels


The two that needed this elemental link badly is frosth and elradir. Without the link, frosth will be badly affected when there are way better minion summoners than him. The only thing that stands out for him is his link. El can live without the link, but it’s still good that he gets his skill out fast

Remember when SG nerfed Telluria and they gave everyone, including those who had not had Telluria, some dozens of emblems of EACH CLASS as compensation for the nerf, and now they nerfed an elemental link that affects not one, but FIVE heroes of the month, which might have used up a lot of ascension materials, and they compensate nothing!? And there’s nobody even complained at the slightest degree about that elemental link giving too much mana, as contrastingly opposed to the vast majority of people expressing frustration and anger about Telluria’s skill that might lead the game into an power-imbalance crisis.

I don’t have any of those five HoTM but just look at the perpective of those who tried to summon those five heroes just to be a little more competitive in an already hero-power-imbalance game, how can they play with their heroes now? But instead, heroes that are already considered OP by apparently everyone like Zuri and Faline get buffs? How is that even called “balancing”? When will the series of inequality and unfair treatment between heroes stop?

The only hope now is when 2022 arrives, the 2021 family bonus for HoTM will take effect, which makes elemental link apply the mana-gaining effect to all elements, and if the elemental links of those 5 HoTM in discussion don’t overwrite each other, that means one can have a maximum of 5 mana-giving elemental links at a time, offsetting the nerf. If that will not be the case, then this nerf just sucks, and it sucks so sadly hard not only for those who have those heroes, but also for all of us who might experience more and more “imbalance updates” like this for the future to come.


It seems to me that it is very unfair, as you say he is a great nerf, I have frost and Yang, and the truth is that that small% of mana is a good help, it was important when deciding whether to go up, the radir was about to go up, but after this I don’t know if it’s worth it. I do not understand how new heroes “improve” who did not need improvements and harm others who are not so decisive. Remember that it all started with Vela and Telluria, with so many new superheroes you could give them back their shine. and leave the hotm alone


Pretty unimpressed by this nerf honestly. Not one of these heroes were problematic. They mostly range from borderline decent to simply ok heroes. I’ll probably still use Devana as I think she’s the only truely still solid hero of the bunch with this nerf. Probably bench Yang Mai and give her emblems to someone else. I was getting close to Frosth’s last ascension, but I don’t think I’m going to bother anymore. I have only levelled Elradir to his first ascension, I may still max him as his reflect can be useful against certain builds and I don’t really have any other green 5* competing for ascension items. I didn’t pull Malicna but I would be disappointed if I had and had spent the ascension items on her, definitely hurts her usability.

I’m going to wait until I see what their family bonus ends up being for coming to a definite conclusion, but right now this nerf seems completely unjustified.

Wish the devs would stop giving buffs that nobody asked for to heroes that definitely didn’t need it and nerfing heroes that no one had any problems with who definitely don’t deserve it.


Yes, 100% agree, quit nerfing moderately useful heroes, it’s getting to the stage you can’t trust yourself to level anything because by the time you do they nerf it to something that doesn’t fit in your line up the way it did!


I was lucky enough to pull Frosth and Malicna during the Summer event EHT pulls.

However I saw the policy of SG to generally nerf tne more available 5* heroes which include all current HOTMs and for this and other reasons decided to stick to 4* only. Now (after two nerfs) I am extremely happy that I left my Frosth at 1/1.

If you want not to be disappointed by past, present and future similar nerfs which will definitely occur at the whim of SG without any obvious reason except probably gaining some sort of profit out of it, I suggest sticking to 4*. They aren’t that big of a nerf threat and even if some get nerfed, the materials and feeders invested in them are much less/cheaper compared to maxing a 5*. Especially with limit breakers being introduced, I find investing in any 5* a gamble. As we can see here, any who LB their February-June HOTM wasted a ton of valuable resources for nothing.


Well, I’ve 4 of them, only missing elradir, and Malicna Yang Mai and Devana are maxed, with Frosth sitting at 3.70.
Devana is still a solid hero imho, I mainly use her for dispel and get rid of minions, I found that the nerf has minimum impact.
I maxed Yang Mai to replace Scarlett in my mono, I found her quite good but a bit underwhelming, her elemental link is useful to speed up Falcon and Elena, but she’s probably the next in line to warm the bench as soon as I pull another good red.
Malicna is a total freaking disaster. Gave her 6 tabards only for the elemental link (was willing to give other 6 to Quintus, as my purple mono sucks), her dmg is not that high and her special is inconsistent at the best.

While I’m disappointed (but no more than other changes SG did this year), I think we should just wait for new family bonus in 2022.

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As per behaviour in Beta for earlier HoTMs if one of these 5 heroes have the elemental link applied on all heroes, then a hero with similar elemental link can not apply his/her elemental link on your heroes.

So I expect the similar behaviour for 2021 HoTMs too.


Stay positive

Maybe they will buff it in the future… With Costume which you have to spend $$$$ more



I am spending no more money?


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