Malicna, Domitia or Obakan?

I have 10 tabbards. None of these heroes inspires me that much, but I still want to max another %* purple, in addition to the already maxed:
G. Panther

I also have an unlevelled Quintus, but I think of him as the worst of the bunch…
So what’s your thoughts? Who deserves the tabbards: Malicna, Domitia or Obakan?

Malicna, without a doubt.

Malicna. The elemental link may helps Kunchen to be ready faster. Do some test with your troops to know

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Hang on, Beta just saying that Dom’s hit is going to be increased!! Mel is just random and you can’t count on the 33% to ever do anything when you need it - IMO

You want Malicna for the element link and the hit 3. Anything else is just a bonus.

That said do Malicna first.
If you don’t get Seshat in the meantime do Domitia second.


Another vote for Malicna. She pairs well with your Guardian Panther since both hit the target and nearby, especially so if you can support her with a level 23 mana troop (or a level 17 mana troop if you emblem her opting for the mana bonus node) so they can both fire in only 9 tiles. As @Vikingblood80 has stated, her Element Link and damage to target and nearby is what she is prized for, her other random skills are just a bonus and an icing to the cake.

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+1 to everything above. But also note the icing on the cake is an icing each and every time - there is no bad outcome:

1: Mega icing that destroys the opposition
2. Minor attack down icing that negates any attack buffs and is often enough to keep your hero alive from any strong snipes
3. Minor defense down icing that negates any defense buff and can be enough of a benefit to kill off an enemy if an attack buff is also in place or if there is already damage. Or can be overwritten by a stronger defense debuff (as I do with Tiburkiss ) when required

Personally I like her the most for her mana gain which works really well in conjunction with Grimble and effectively negates the mana cut of Bera and Freya tanks.

Vote [1] Malicna


The ONLY issue I have with Malicna is that I have a defense down in my purple team (I use Cheshire mostly with titans, or Kunchen anywhere else) and if I fire Malicna after and she rewrites the 44% defense down of Cheshire with -16% I would be really really annoyed :frowning: Nobody seems to be bothered by this?..

Just fire her first. Overwrite with Cheshire, or hold cheshire if its the good one…

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Ok then, Malicna it is!

malicna is a decent hero would decide between her an domitia. But i think malicna is better simply due to her elemental link

She also has really high tile damage for titans especially

Quintus has the best damage for event and ninja tower if you like. I almost started to feed him but then I got Killhare :smirk:

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