Malicna – 5* Dark/ Purple - March 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Malicna, even at only +7, is so good that I’ve started taking her instead of Grimble in my Dark mono raid team against non-Bera/Freya single summoner defenses, especially Sif double formations.


Thanks everyone

20 char

Are most people stopping Malicna’s emblems at +18?

I’m considering going to +19, for the mana bonus. I equip my second dark mana troop for Malicna; it most likely won’t get to level 23 (for tile break) anytime soon.

Definitely worth it for average heroes in general, especially worth it if you stack multiple purples together - you will struggle to get multiple level 23 mans. Either way Malicna should generally have the highest mana troop on her as she can then give mana to the slower heroes, although there are caveats (for example if running with Grimble)

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Thanks @Homaclese.

If I use my highest dark mana troop (level 29) on Malicna, then I can stop her emblems at +18. :thinking:

I did take mine to +19. I don’t have much interest in +20 for her. No regrets so far.


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I would but depends on the rest of your roster

Miss ya

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Yep I stopped at +18 too as I have two 23+ mana troops so there is nothing for me to gain with this extra 2%

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Yes, I was thinking I could start embleming Rigard #5 for war. :rofl:

I miss you too.

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I went to 19 and use her with a lvl 17 troop.

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