Malicna – 5* Dark/ Purple - March 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Mine has been maxed for a couple of weeks or so now and she plays better than her card reads. I really enjoy using her. After Elkanen goes up one more node to +18 as he is on my D team, cleric emblems will go to this gal.



Was Malicna originally a wizard in beta? I would’ve preferred wizard class, instead of cleric.

Is there any consensus on emblem path for Malicna?

I may use her in following situations:

  • Replace C-Quintus+20 as tank for very fast wars
  • Replace Cheshire Cat on team for holy titans. Edit: I am very lucky to have Guardian Panther, so I am not reliant on Cheshire’s def down for holy.

So far I’ve used Malinca twice for war attack, and both times she cast Alternative 1. A small sample but I’ll take it! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I dig the new avatar @SamMe !

Anyways, Malicna (in my uses thus far) is more of an attack hero than a support hero. She is still both, but she operates different than say my ramming pulverizer fellas or straight D droppers. My default then would be to prioritize the A value.

That being said some people use her in a support role primarily to fire and boost mana. They are fortunate enough to have more potent damage dealers. I could see the merit in focusing on HP/D. It largely depends on your roster and intended use.

I do think overall she has pretty balanced stats. She would be a hero IMO that would fall into a category of not having to follow a set path to completion. You could balance her emblem stat increase distribution among all categories and I think it would still result in a functional and noticeable increase in performance while not hindering her due to the even stat increase distribution over specific stat prioritization.

Hope that helps. She is a rare non-specialized, but still solid, hero in my eyes. These days everyone seems to have a set “role”. Not every hero needs to have one. I approve. :+1:



I would recommend maximize attack path she is balanced and with attack she can pack quite a punch especiallly with def down applied.

this is full attack + def route with a 17 mana troop.


Thanks @Muchacho! I figured I should finally change it. :rofl:

I’m leaning towards all attack path, simply because she can replace Cheshire Cat on titans (probably no need to think too hard on this, thanks to better attack stat and durability), and I may want to use her for challenge events.

I also think, since she casts one of 3 Alternatives (a random result), it may be better to maximise her guaranteed damage. More defence is always good, but for HP it depends on the hero.

Thanks for your helpful advice!

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Thanks for your advice, and screenshot @freetgy!

Your Malicna has great stats! I like that attack stat in particular. :+1:

Normally I save my absolute best team for the final stage of Tavern of Legends.

This time, I took a different team which includes Malicna+1:

I could’ve taken my tried and true, favourite team to finish ToL. But I had fun using a different team, along with Malicna’s special. I love her elemental link (small mana gain); Malicna and C-Quintus recharged at the same time during my fight.

I get that consistency is highly preferred over the random, non guaranteed casting of her Alternatives.

I think that the best way to use her is within a team that can manage her casting Alternative 2 or 3. For my relatively limited roster (although one that includes Guardian Panther, and Seshat :sweat_smile:), she is definitely worth it.


Today I had her charged in a battle against a double formation. CRigard fired first, but Malicna was the first damage dealer to fire. Her first form fired and then I fired a fully emblemed Ametrine at her second charge. 3/5 of the heroes melted and the two left died with a small amount of tile damage afterwards. Basically she can take down and entire team in those double formations with only a little support. And mine is only +9 so far. I’m happy so far with her even in her 2/3 lesser form.


I have her at +7. Just what can she do in a battle if her alternative 1 kicks in?

Have a look.

I really wish I had the cleric emblems to get her down to 9 tiles… she would be amazing and would have much better synergy with the other fast/fast-ish purples


Nice. Still, might think CGormek was the real lifesaver here.

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Sorry man but from this video I didn’t understand exactly which character you show to be good, c. Gormek c. Sabina or dr. moreo, because I saw them how good and useful are and from malikna I did not see anything interesting, if you want call me blind but I saw this.


I’m a little bummed out they went with “alternative 1,2,3” opposed to the stars/skulls/bottle/snowflake thing the other rando’s have. A. It’s cool to see the slot machine at work. “Yeah! Swords!!” B. Alternative 1, 2, 3 sound like temporary names.

Other than that, she’s fun and I like her a lot.

All the heroes did well. But I was showing how powerful the alt 1 of malicna is. Without it I would have absolutely lost. 2 major things happened and probably minor things I didn’t catch:like surviving slash attacks and specials not being ready when they should have been otherwise

  • I could kill a full health Odin with 2 minions on him with 3 tiles from my 4 purple stack. Did about 2000 damage I think
  • 2/3 heroes survived a full charge cobalt. Cobalt did 3/400 damage on those heroes he hit

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