Malicna – 5* Dark/ Purple - March 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I test her with average speed too but not with herself

My hero got 6 tiles, after that he needed 8 small mana bonuses (2 whole circles) to get full mana bar.

So IMO its 0,5 tile exactly, I don’t think this is 0,53 or something random like this.

I didn’t used mana troops


thats weird again i need to do morgen testing

Ok found a great way to use malicna.
Recently started using Ariel Norns Malicna Mushashi Seshat as my attack team. Level 29 mana troop on malicna. When Ariel mana bonus , and seshat mana bonus is active with L29 ( 24%+15%+4%=43% mana bonus) and malicna has its small mana elemental link active. You can charge her with 3 ghost tiles or 6 tiles.
Here is the math
So small amount of mana is definitely higher than 0.7 tiles worth of mana for her.

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I’m somehow very short on Cleric emblems. Would you reset Mist for Malicna?

Depends if you want to use Malicna very often. I’m not resetting Mist or Vivica as I use both so my Toxicandra is now at 9 on the path. My Malicna is probably next after Toxicandra

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My current defense has Dom-C so I’m thinking of dropping a bunch of emblems on Mal as a defensive flank. I could also reset Viv-C maybe?

For raid defence or war defence?

I don’t have her costume, but I don’t plan on resetting Viv to give more emblems to Malicna (probably not using her on any war defence though).

I mainly use Viv on dark titans, and for very fast wars.

I have used my Malicna+4 on a couple of wars (the 2 rush wars) and the OS/bounce ratio is about 1:1 - which is a lot better than I what I have had with my previous tanks (Grimble+20 tanks in minion wars with a good outcome but that is a niche war type).

I think she gets underestimated and people don’t bring their best teams/mono yellow against her - and get punished if they get bad boards or she gets out her super special


I’ve hit a Malicna tank in war once so far, and guess which Alternative she cast? Alternative one. :rofl:

I suppose I could try her out whenever I finish levelling her. My current tank for very fast wars is C-Quintus +20.

I used to use a c quintus +20 and she is doing better so far. But to be fair it has only been 2 wars I’ll track her progress until I eventually level dr moireau


Or Sif! I’m runing a 4-1 with Alf and Mal flanking Sif and bera and Crigs on the wings. Mal is only 4-70 but is working out realll nice!

Good to know. I’m in a similar situation for rush tanks:

Quintius with a bunch of emblems
Mal with half as many emblems
CDom +6



Is Malicna’s mana gain affected by mana boosts? Like Ariel’s or even Seshat’s.

Yes of course. On the other hand it also affected by mana ailments like Telluria.

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