Malicna – 5* Dark/ Purple - March 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I appreciate the many people that tried to discuss how to best use Malicna. Her shortcomings and strengths, the forum needs more of that, it helps the noobs and may even illuminate something for the mid to long term players.

One thing about her is certain. If you don’t like uncertainty, then Malicna isn’t going to be enjoyable for you to use.

She has a decent hit and an excellent elemental link. The elemental link boosts her appeal in mono, if running rainbow she adds very little via that channel.
I like the way @Homaclese rewrote her special and think that is a healthier way to think about it.
If you are building a team around her, she does make it difficult to plan since each of her three options synergize best with different specials. Therefore, rather than building around her, try and find a team where her hit and mana boost will fit will and the others are all nice extras. So a 3-2 team with her as part of the three could work very well.

If I had unlimited options in dark, yes, there are many others I would prefer. Most of us are not in that situation. Few heroes in my roster are the #1 option in their element (my #1 may not be someone else’s #1 either so there is that).


just tested malicna on third acension and can say she is really good for a purple mono team.

i think you have to think about her more as dispell/debuffer.

from that point of view she has 66% chance to revert defense up or 66% attack up, 33% for both + mana debuff.

Think her damage though could have been upped a bit.

the elemental link certainly is very powerful.

what is also good is that she is in sync with alot of purple heros manaspeed for example with Rigard & Tibertus mana speed. Espcially being able to charge mana when there are no shields, in a mono stack is awesome.I


Purple mono you say? Now thats exactly why i wanted to pull her (got her today with tokens). I need her in my purple team which i call the HOTM squad. She will be paired with Kunchen, Clarissa, Khiona and Seshat, im really curious how that 5 element links will work.


Hmmm… Malicna or a 2nd Onyx? I just maxed Freya, so it will be a while before I have the tabards, but there will be a choice. Zulag, Sartana, Domita and cQuintus are in the mix as well…

I’m a big Danzaburo fan (or was, before my roster outgrew him) so the random isn’t that much of a turnoff for me…

Current maxed are Freya +19, Seshat +19, Seshat, Onyx +19, Mok-Arr, Grimble +13, Jabber +20, Victor, Clarissa.


-16% is meh…
I wish it would be -34% lol :smile:

I just pulled her, and as someone without much in the way of purple, certainly that deals damage, she seems lovely. Elemental link makes her most useful stacking purple, and the only downside i can see there is that 1/3rd of the time she might overwrite Tibs’ def down with a not-as-good def down? but if you fire her second, and his def down is in place, she’ll do plenty of damage. and maybe you get a better def down even. :man_shrugging:

definitely not useless, at least to me.


great perspective…i have yet to level her as i’m working on Elizabeth but i’m excited for her

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As a Danza fan the randomness isn’t my biggest bugbear either, but for some it is a deal-breaker.
Shame Danza got left behind, too many incredible Rogues for him to get the boost he needs in my team.

I haven’t tested her extensively, but the mana gain looks decent. Tested with crit troops equipped below. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Malicna’s mana gain:
After 1 turn

After 2 turns

After 3 turns

After 4 turns

I’m vc2p so new heroes don’t come often. I’m happy I got her, and can use her in a secondary dark team with C Quintus, C Rigard and C Sartana (fifth hero TBD).


I don’t like the artwork. She should not have horns :smile:


I just tried her out as war tank with 4 emblems… 2 os and 3 bounces. Greatly.exceeded my expectations.

This is vs top 100 opposition


Awesome!! Don’t you wish we could see videos of them hitting our war defense!!! I have Bera +19 and I’ve seen some top defenses have Bera tank w Lizzie flank. My Lizzie is 4-58 such a grind lol

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While I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, 3 hits is hardly enough data to tell if she is good or not. Boards can make you lose to some bad opponents. Still, Malicna is way better than people think she is IMO. I’m going to level mine (Jabberwock and Dr Moreau fell into my lap so I have to do those first). Any tank that drops your defense can be rough if the tiles don’t come for you.

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Yea 5 hits is not statistically significant enough sample to draw a conclusion from, but it is promising. Especially as I normally have 1 bounce and 4 os on average.

My thinking is people will underestimate her and not take their strongest teams (definitely no yellow mono)… and if she does the strong alternative then the chances are very good for a win

Interestingly on raid defense she has a roughly q in 2 win ratio after about 3 days, holding at 2600 or 2550


Maxed my Malicna attack def path. She is a solid hero do not regret maxing her. As my defense heros lacked debuffs she is a solid choice and elemental link has proved super good for mono purple.


Can you show the talent tree or flip side? Thanks in advance!

Here you go


Anyone have figured out how much mana her elemental link brings?

The following i can confirm based on my own testing.

Malicna loads fully again: without mana troops (10 tiles requirement)

8 tiles of mana + 2 turns of small mana gain
7 tiles of mana + 4 turns of small mana gain

but i think requires further testing as some results feel weird


I test her with average speed too but not with herself

My hero got 6 tiles, after that he needed 8 small mana bonuses (2 whole circles) to get full mana bar.

So IMO its 0,5 tile exactly, I don’t think this is 0,53 or something random like this.

I didn’t used mana troops


thats weird again i need to do morgen testing

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