Malice in Blunderland - Shooting to the TOP

Good luck in your new endeavor and I hope you guys grow strong together… New beginnings are exciting :smiley:


We’re almost a year old now! Still haven’t passed a single titan!


Updated Requirements, just because I can’t figure out how to edit the original post. 25+ maxed 5s, lvl 20+ troops, and Telluria tank preferred, at least until #Nerfgate. After that, who knows… looking for a new forever home? Check out

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hey @xX_Jehoel_Xx how’re things in blunderland? :wink:

(Jehoel answered me in LINE! if you’re interested in knowing how awesomely we’re doing, you should LINE him at xX_Jehoel_Xx )

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this happened twice in the last 7 days!!! Go Malice!!!

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One year Anniversary and still Awesome!! Check out our website at

we have 2 spaces after war! check our site to apply
Must have:
25+ maxed 5* heroes
lvl 20+ troops
LINE chat
Come play in the top 10 alliance that’s been called by some “The most chill top alliance”

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Never met a Titan that we didn’t kill!

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Looking for ONE! check our website and contact us today!
Must have: at least 25 maxed 5 star heroes, lvl 20 plus troops, LINE, high activity and a sense of humor. Long walks on the beach optional.

Kill titan, fight war, what else can you ask for?
Top 10, we win, let’s do it again!
Malice in Blunderland!

… oh dear. i’m rhyming. Join Malice in Blunderland so I stop. One space. Must have 25+ maxed 5s and lvl 20+ troops.
Space filled, but you can contact me or @xX_Jehoel_Xx about our waiting list!

We expect a couple spots open after war today - check us out!
Must have more than 25 maxed 5* heroes and lvl20+ troops, a hunger for battle and dead 14* titans.

What’s a pass titan? You’ll forget at Malice in Blunderland

Malice in Blunderland is currently recruiting. Want to see how crazy it is at the top of the leaderboard? It’s not as crazy as you might think. :upside_down_face:

We have a few spots open. Come join the madness! Learn more at

I wasn’t sure if I could handle the requirements or the pressure in a top 20 alliance; I thought it would be too crazy and strict. But I have to say my time in Blunderland has been a lot of fun. The requirements are basic and simple. If you have 25+ maxed 5* heroes and aren’t afraid of 14* titans, you can compete with the best players in the game. Come give it a try and see what it’s like! 3 spots open.

Blunderland needs you! Looking for 1 strong player who’s ready for the big leagues. When full, we compete with the best of the best.

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Another big war win in Blunderland. We’re looking for 2 strong players to fill the house. If you have 25+ maxed 5* and lvl 23 troops, come check us out!

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