Making your own Ascension materials (Season 2 ? ) in the forge? Good idea? Or game ruination?

I’m having my doubts if this would be a nice thing to have or that it would ruin the game?

I’d like to think of Levels 21-… for the forge?

  • Need lots of iron (storage to 30?) to level up
  • 1 Ascension typically needs lots of time to make and cost a lot. Say 2 weeks for a 4 star? And like TC Random.

Forge might be optimal building for that.

What are your thoughts about this? Will this work? Will this ruin the game? As the tiers cost lots of ham, iron and time, it will be something for long time players, so I don’t think it will interfere much with gameplay.

Please have a read over here:

Thank you @Kerridoc . @Rook please merge with this topic. I didn’t find it and it would be great if things are asked just on one place.

My idea is nearly same, but trading my compasses for some highly needed trap material would be awesome.

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