Making Tournaments Reset Quicker

I’d like to put forward that the current two day reset period for tournaments is not only needless, but also causes tournaments to be ‘locked’ to certain days of the week.

Right now, each tournament’s last battle-day is Friday, then Saturday simply shows the completed tournament’s results (and that’s it), and then Sunday is when you get to sign up for the next tournament, and pick your defense team.

What I propose is that we combine the “End-of-tournament results” and the “Prepare for next tournament” into a single day, instead of two.

This comes with two advantages: obviously, faster turnaround and less downtime between active tournaments. But also, it allows the tournaments to shift over the days of the week, rather than just ALWAYS being Monday-Friday. It’d be nice to be able to play a tournament on a Saturday (or Sunday) too, occasionally. Moving them to a six day rotation by eliminating that extra day of downtime would allow that.

I don’t really see any reason not to. We don’t need a whole day just to tell us how we placed in the previous tournament.

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