Making them special

Can you improve a Heroes special skill if they are fully leveled and fully ascended. Will you still be able to improve their special skill if there special skill is not maxed but they characters fully ascended

Yes. You can keep on feeding a hero who doesn’t have a maxed special to increase it once they reach their full maximum levels.


But depending on the hero, it may not be worth it. You may be better off using the feeder heroes to level up another Hero. Most of us have 3* heroes that sit at 5/8, 6/8 etc. As you move further into the game, the special level on them is increasingly irrelevant.

It’s extremely unlikely you’ll fully level a 4* or 5* without maxing their skill. Often they are at 8/8 during the third tier.

I’m trying to max up some 3-star Heroes, for some of the special events. I deleted the ones I originally had cuz I didn’t think I would need them once I Got 5 Star Heroes

Over time you get more copy of those heroes (for basic TC20 heroes at least).

Considering a 3* with max level for special skill upgrade:

  • 4x same heroes = 100% for 3024 xp wasted
  • 3x of the same (75%)+ 6x 2* same color (24%) + 1x 1* any color (1%) = 100% for 5226 xp wasted
  • 2x of the same (50%) + 8x 3* same color (48%) = 98% for 7560 xp wasted
  • 2x of the same (50%) + 7x 3* same color (42%) + 1x 4* same color (8%) = 100% for 7884 xp wasted

Some suggest also you feed duplicate as you get them for a 25% chance increase, but you would still have a 31.6% chance of no skill upgrade after 4 single feeding of duplicate.

Should try to stop leveling 3* around level 3/45 if their special is not maxed and wait for duplicate to not waste as much xp.