Making the officers available to kick by all alliance members

Our leader harasses everyone. Including players from our sister alliance. She sends vulgar voice messages, and text. She demotes you down if you point something out and she doesn’t like it. Then she will go into game chat and line chat and lie about why it was done to embarrass you. She needs to gone without the ability to come back. She’s been reported, but no feed back. How can this be fixed? Elders and coleaders won’t do anything about it.

Update… SG support says they can’t get involved even tho they have a report a player button. So what’s the point of a report a player button if they aren’t going to help?

I think you mean co-leader with officer?
How about leader? Can he/she do nothing?
If you have inactive leader maybe all leave and start new alliance together?

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Joining a new alliance would be best, if it is the leader nothing will change in your current alliance… Even if elders and Co leaders agreed.

It’s not up to the developers to ensure that people who start alliances are good people, and if the person is really as bad as you say then the sister alliance will likely have nothing to do with them once everyone leaves. Good luck

Another vote to go. First, don’t give out personal numbers in game, so people like that cannot abuse access to you outside of the game. Secondly, if Leadership supports this (by non action) its time for those of you who do not like it to leave. Consider starting your own alliance with the members who want to go.

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I think all alliance members should be able to kick an officer or demote them. She’s horrible and nasty. One of the coleaders changed his name to ViksLurker for cryin out loud. It’s ridiculous.

And personal numbers weren’t given out, we use an app called line to chat since the game chat is limited. That’s where the voice messages come in. I’m going to see how many people want to leave and start a new alliance. I was just curious why they have a report a player button if they don’t help when you use it.

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