Making the game more fun


I have a few ideas that may help the game more fun.

  1. Every time we as players purchase gems, special chests with ascending items, epic coins etc should be given to each person in the alliance. Helps the alliance grow and keeps more players active.
  2. It would be nice to be able to trade hero’s to other members of the alliance. Which in turn helps the alliance grow and keeps more players active.
  3. There should be better packages available to purchase with gems and packages available you can purchase with cash. Packages that will contain ascending items, epic coins, hero’s etc.
  4. Creating newer heroes with different abilities.
  5. Gifting items, hero’s, food, metal, etc to members of your alliance. Making the game more fun and interesting.
  6. 3 player alliance on alliance battle. 3 players from each alliance will fight each other in a 3 tier format. Each alliance will start 1 team against the other alliance team. When the 1st loses his next alliance team member will jump in and fight where tge previous team left off and so until one alliance has defeated the other alliances 1st 3 teams.
    I have plenty of other ideas.


4 5 6 I like the most.

We should be able to gift stuff, would help and encourage my alliance to do better in dragon fights if I stack up a nice prize for it.