Making mercing ok during war

Not like you can join another war while wars happening anyway. Make it ok to leave alliance and come back and still have flags to use and remember score of used flags

I think that would defeat SG’s goal. I believe they want people in alliances which is why they have cut the rewards for merc’ing multiple times.


Unfortunately you cannot merc an hour before the war starts, during war matchmaking and cannot merc until your war is finished. Outside of that you can merc at anytime and it does not affect your winning wars. In higher tier Alliances you kill your daily home titan within hours. As your flags replenish every 4 hours you kill off a few Titans for other Alliances and come back home with a full 3 flags for the next Titan usually 12 hours before spawn. The obvious issue is that lower level Alliances do not encourage mercing as they fear the central player base might abandon them for higher tier Alliances. This happens all the time when higher tier players are chimming in other alliances having fun! Enjoy your game and understand not everyone is experiencing your development.

On another note the Beta 100 wars are banding together a multitude of players in the same tier level and tearing down the Alliance walls for the greater community. Playing with your developmental level is making strides and future war success as we grow from all angles! Happy gaming!

People should be discouraged from mercing. Staying in your alliance should be rewarded


This is literally the only way to get enuff food


I never merc and I’m fine on food. Max farms do my chests and I’ll buy food chests sometimes.

And that’s actually the problem. If you say it like that, there will be no shortage of food for you ever because you can buy food and food equivalents (tomes, training troops, trainer heroes). However, simple base resources like food and iron should be sufficient without the need to buy them for $$$. Just FYI - even with mercing, if one doesn’t buy food and food equivalents for $$$, it’s never enough. I merc all the time whenever possible and still don’t have enough food.

Not that SG are going to be more helpful with mercing though. They would very much want to sell their food crates for $$$…


Bottom line is you’re not supposed to merc so don’t expect them to ever make it easier.

You must not be at endgame yet if you don’t have a shortage of food.

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I’ve had the HA done for a year and I’m level 80. I think I’m endgame.

I just buy food when it’s needed.

Lv 89, 67 5*s and troops: 30, 23, 17. Always need food to level, run AL10, more troop feeds, etc.

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I’m always running low on food Lvl 85 and buildings maxed. I really enjoy mercing too, and when I can, I’m with other mercs working together to defeat titans.

Hence, the reduced loot. Each to their own, and I’m not about to tell others how to play their game. You do you :innocent:.

I don’t agree. The camaraderie and strategizing during alliance wars makes it one of the funnest events. I’m sure leadership don’t want extra stress hoping :crossed_fingers: players return in time to use their unused war flags… Every flag counts!

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I’m in a top 100 alliance that has set strategy and little to no movement so wars are pretty straightforward and repeat and rinse