Making a Run for It: Observations from Raiding into the Top 9 globally

I don’t have Wilbur, or Alzar, or Zim either.

Current defense team is Malosi, c. Rigard, Richard, Santa, and Lianna.

I’m lacking almost all of the “best” heroes in the game, unfortunately.

Congrats on your motivation, effort and results.

I´m far away from that, everytime I get to diamond I just get kicked the second I go ofline. My best rank is around 170k with 2470 cups. My defense team doesn´t reach 4000 tp and I still lack green and purple 4* troops. My mono teams don´t get over 3.500 But it´s encouraging to see post like this when climbing the steepy ladder.


Come on you have Costume Rigard :smiley:
I still miss non costume one :smiley:


@Fizban interestingly, I didn’t encounter that many Telly tanks on my climb up. I remember maybe one or two Tellys… definitely an Alfrike… a Ninja, I cannot remember who…

Or maybe I re-rolled past the Tellys, I don’t know :stuck_out_tongue: Red is my weakest color after all

@Peazomanco thanks! and glad you felt encouraged. keep at it, your team and troops will improve in time!


Lately i prefer to see Telly and Vela on defences :smiley:

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Generally I do too… though I lost 3x revenge raids recently to a Telly/Vela/Elena core… but this was because the boards just didn’t give me the colors I need :frowning: haha oh well!

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Board luck is something no one can overcome with :slight_smile: I generally had boards that ended after my second tile change without using any of my specials and then there are days where I couldn’t find 3 single tile for mono team and get wiped out :smiley:

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Indeed. I’ve raided against opponents where I’ve failed once due to terrible boards, only to wipe them out in 4-5 matches due to amazing boards…

I do have c. Rigard, he’s awesome, but he can’t get me to stay in diamond. I can get up to diamond, but I have yet to find a combination that will keep me there.

You and I are in the same boat there. My latest tweaks keep me in the 2300-2400 range. I can hold diamond for 12-24 hours maybe as opposed to it being an instantaneous drop. Maybe I could stay if I raided more, but I am not a chest a day type of guy.

From what I gather we raid in a great arena in terms of variety and I can’t really argue with it. Monotony at the platinum/diamond border does not exist. I say bring that action on! :+1:



I certainly do see a wide variety of opponents in my watchtower. Including the occasional bonus chance of catching a cup dropper right after they’ve filled their diamond chest. “What’s this? A 3500 TP team with 2600 cups? Why, yes, I will gladly take my trophies back, and then some. Thank you!”


I don’t have much time for campaign…
But I do enjoy a good raid push every now and then. Especially when all the big guns are also running and pushing the scores up.

At the top 10 I started re-rolling. It just gets a little scary when you win for 1 point and lose for 50. Hence my streak:


Logged on to find my raid Def had gone on a rampage…

This inspired me to see if I could beat my 3010 PB. So lashed out on a refill. Had some more good luck and splurged another 100 gems.

So close, and yet, so far.

One day…


You got to #01 with 3119!

My run earlier today got me to 3121, but that coincided with someone else on 3183 :sob:

Congratulations! Perfectly timed.

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nice runs @Pompitous , @Davisu_Bratto !!

thanks for sharing. and yeah, it does highlight that the # of trophies needed to achieve a certain rank - this changes, is a moving target. anyone planning a run has to consider that when determining if it’s the right time.


Well done @sleepyhead and everybody else!

I got 3 pics saved when I went on cup runs:

It was definitely easier to go on top when I was low level and the game was very different back then. (no emblems, a lot less heroes in the game, etc.)

But I obtained highest cups during current green tank era + high emblemed defenses, even though ‘just’ global rank 4.

My current def keeps me at 2550-2700 cups just fine, but if I get over, most of time I go down to about 2550-2600 cups, sometimes I end a bit lower and sometimes a bit higher though after all those attacks. It’s the same one as the one on last pic, but with better troops and emblems and I think on last cup run I only needed 2 maybe 3 raid flasks, don’t remember how it was with the other older ones.
3100 is quite hard to do nowadays, as there are some sick defs on top.

Level 45

Level 54

Level 72


I’m not surprised, your def is really good :slight_smile: . I once went against defense consisting of -
Finley, Frigg, Freya, GM, Frigg. I used a unique attack team I’ve never used before and with quite an ultimate luck I won on 1st try. I can see your def being just as terrifying if not more.

thanks! and congratulations too, you have quite a raiding career! also cool seeing how your defense team evolved over time.


Most impressive! That’s really good for FTP.


thank you @jlukas511 ! a little bit of luck and some preparation makes it possible :slight_smile:

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