Making 5* 3:70 usable with emblems

My suggestion is to have possibility to use emblems on 5* while they’re on 3:70.

There are some heroes that very seldom will go higher than 3:70. Would be fun to use some of them and this could enable that.

If you take that hero to ascention level 4 you automatically (or with reset token) remove the emblems from that hero.

Good or bad suggestion, tell me what you think…?

Great idea, except that SGG wont be doing it for reason that this will hurt their gem offers with 4* ascension mats. People will tend to think that ascending a 5 star hero to the final tier may be unnecessary and irrelevant as EMBLEMS (edit, previously GEMS) are there to make them go get their FAUX (edit) 4th stripes without the required ascension mats.


True. But I was thinking more that a 3:70 with 20 emblems should equal a 4:80 without emblems. So still going for 4:80 with ascention material is needed for best end game experience.

I’m puzzled by your idea to then want to emblem such heroes?!

He means due to lack of ascension mats


There are other games that resembles E&p quite closely that has this feature. How many nodes you can activate depends on how far you’ve leveled the hero. You have to get the hero to 2-1 before the grid opens and you can only activate 3-4 nodes before you need to get the hero to 3-1. Seems like a nice way to balance out mat shortage. To me it seems like a good feature.


Oh… Thanks.

I know people who have been waiting many, many months for those elusive 4AMs. I’d rather level and emblem my 4 heros than bother with the 5* heros that I’d never take past 3:70.

I know people with 20 5star heroes at 3-70 with no ascension items! blame it on the RNG :joy:

Like the idea! I know SG won’t approve but what if you allow a certain amount of emblem levels per ascension, for instance at 3/70 you can’t get them higher than the 10th emblem level.

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It could be fair as you say (to draw SG’s attention at all maybe) to enable just partially the emblem ladder depending on your Ascension level.
Those 3:70’s could be a bit better than a 4* just to make them usable. Game dynamic improvements :slight_smile:

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