Make Your New Years Resolution To Be Part Of A Winning Team!

Fed up with not progressing?
Need an experienced and established alliance for help & encouragement?
Are you looking for an active and friendly alliance?
Do you have minimum of 2000 Team Power and 400 Trophies?

If the answer is yes to all these questions then you have found your new home right here with us at The Byzantine Empire.

Request to join us to be part of our winning team where all of us at The Byzantine Empire look forward to giving you a warm welcome and a great start to 2019 or comment below for further information.

I see your an invitation only. Thinking of switching. Tp 3070 and 1600 cups. Tired of only 1/2 an alliance trying at war or titans. Don’t know how this invitation works.

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Hello Robert, we would love to have you onboard!

Search for our Alliance, click view and then join. I will add you in and you can meet the team :slight_smile:


Happy New Year by the way!

A preview of just

some of our team members slight_smile:

Still a few places available for daily players :slight_smile:

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