Make your Chorus song

The topic is pretty obvious, but let’s see what different chorus we can come up, inspired by your favourite song or any popular song. We can also guess what song you tried to edit the E&P way.
It can be corny, boring or funny.

Let’s have a go shall we:

It’s just another boring Monday,
Oh how I wish it was war like Sunday
Oh can’t we create an event for Monday,
This is just boring Monday,
Oh I wish it was war like Sunday.

Let’s try another:

They said pull now,
Draw after draw, you can wish, you can dream, you will find that hero you want,
Draw after draw,
Dawa pops up and you don’t what to do,
They said pull now,
Draw after draw,
You can laugh, you can cry, you can quit if you want to,
Draw after draw, Dawa will be waiting,
Draw after draw…

Just saying, in my head it all makes sense😂


It’s my summons and I’ll cry if I want to
cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you


Is there a similar thread around here… :thinking:
@littleKAF would know

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Probably this one


I suppose the moderators will see it as too similar, although mine is specifically chorus only, (you know for the lazier people) not wanting to do complete songs.

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I think I’ll close this thread but would encourage more creativity in the other one posted above. :slight_smile:


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