Make war prep shorter

I was in an alliance where members would merc / visit / help newbies kill baby titans on our pass titans during the period between wars.

I do understand that months ago – without the current timers for reduced titan loot and filling a titan chest, mercing was a bit of an exploit, and mercs could get way more loot / ascension items than players who stayed in one alliance.

And having done it a bit under the current rules, I find that if I time things “just right”, I can possibly get loot as if I stayed in my alliance and didn’t pass on a titan…but more often than not, my resulting titan loot is what I would get from an escaped titan, sometimes less than that!

I see no benefit to anybody having a 24 hour war prep lockdown, and know a bunch of people who are worse for it. Please shorten it!

I thought that for a long time but lookin at situation now it would just stir up a bunch more complaints once players didnt change war d teams before war starts. Shortened prep would be the first thing to be blamed

With the titan chests, some are more reluctant to merc than ever before.

I think that is the problem moreso than the war prep.

I wish the merc’s hadn’t been nerfed as hard as they were. Why not let the community play the game the way they want to play it?


Now you can change your war defense team any time in the war cycle. Long war prep isn’t needed for that!


Right good point i forgot about that

Money is one reason. The other reason was a top alliance didnt like it that some players could possibly keep up with them when it comes to gaining ascension mats. They made that clear in the giant thread started ny baha when titan loot was nerfed. There was one alliance consistently supporting getting rid of mercs in the game all the way through that thread.

I haven’t seen any of that topic … but they have a point. If an alliance is killing 12* titans one after the next, I don’t think it would be properly balanced if merc’s bouncing around and taking a swipe at a half a dozen different smaller titans in a day get the same loot, or better loot.

But the current 12 hour titan chest timer and 20 hour reduced loot timer fix that. As it currently is, mercing will seldom beat what you’d get staying around and getting a C grade on a miss titan.

(If anybody is a merc and finds otherwise, as measured by number of days to fill a titan chest and average titan loot tier…not the anecdotal day you get crazy-good luck in your loot, I’d love to hear about it.)

So how about reducing war prep to something like 6-12 hours, including the war matchmaking time? I really don’t see how 24 hour war prep really benefits anybody at all, and I know that it hurts my friends in the game who like to roam / visit / merc.

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Lol that alliance always has a point in this game but that’s for another conversation. Hard to say RNG gave mercs good loot on a regular basis though especially since they are normally called in at last resort and unless titan is 5* to 7*, they’ll have to spend resources such as battle items and allliance flasks to take the top spot for the most ascension rolls.

I believe the exploit was more like coming for the last ~half hour, doing one hit, collecting loot, then moving on, getting titan loot six times a day and filling a titan chest once a day.

As I said … that is well and properly eliminated as it should be, and further discouragement of that isn’t needed!

Lol back to war prep. Sorry for changing the subject(12 hr cooldown had already eliminated titan chests per day btw). I dont see any reason not to have a shorter war prep. I really dont see any reason at all to have a war prep. Should just have a countdown to war the let matchmaking take place once timer runs out. Basically a 24 hour timer where matchmaking begins at the 3 hrs remaining mark. So basically 21 hour countdown to matchmaking, then 3 hour countdown to war. Anyone not in the alliance by the time matchmaking starts is counted out. Frees up alliance members and still deters war mercs as intended with original war prep

“That one alliance” giggle.

Sorry I love it. :slight_smile:

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My take: There are three overlapping time periods before war:

  1. Lockdown, during which alliance members cannot join or leave. (If you join after that, you will be a spectator; if you leave after that, you will be “ex-member”, and if you leave and rejoin, both will happen.
  2. Matchmaking. For players, this time is of NO value, but obviously, it is needed on the servers to do the job!
  3. War Prep. This has very limited value to players, and 24 hours is way more than is needed. 6 or 12 hours would be plenty!
    You can (potentially) adjust your strategy knowing who your opponent is, 'tho I see little you can do there.
    You can set up a war banter chat between alliances, which is fun (more so if there is a common language…)

The most important aspects of war – setting up your defense teams and planning your attack strategy can be done regardless of war lockdown

The long lockdown harms players who leave and join alliances, making it harder to do without harming yourself and your new/old alliance by doing it during the war cycle.

This applies both to those who simply leave one to join another for whatever reason and to those who have a home alliance but like to roam/visit/merc.