Make war option default to opt out for individuals


Currently the default individual position is opted into wars. Can that be opted out?

We have alliance members who are opted in but dont hit… would be nice to opt out the alliance then back in to ‘reset’ all as opted out. Then only the ones who really want to can opt back in.


Fair point. I guess it gets sorted when they don’t hit, but you’re right, this would save the frustration of them being included on the battlefield when they have no intention of hitting.


Exactly my frustration


My alliance feels your pain, and I’m sure many others too


Honestly, I think there’s only so much hand-holding the devs can do.


I agree this is a sml little issue… but if it helps keep a few alliances happier then why not? Cant imagine the coding would be that much?


I don’t see any point of this. There would be many players, which would forget to opt in war. And lot of angry players. My advice is to ask him opt out and if not then kick out from alliance.


Isn’t this problem already addressed? I think players automatically get opted out from wars if not using their flags for two wars.

Edit: Continuing the discussion from Version 15 Releases Notes:


Think so. Hopefully that helps.


As @Ornery points out, after missing two wars the Opt Out box will automatically be checked. This seems like the right solution.