Make War Opt-Ins and Opt-Outs Visible Before Matchmaking Starts

Idk if this has been mentioned or not but it would be nice if opt ins/opt outs of our teammates could be visible before matchmaking starts.

Have run into a few instances where a player thought they opted in but didnt or thought they opted out and didn’t

As a lead if i could have seen this mistake beforehand i could have gave a simple reminder for them to make sure they opt in and out.

I don’t want to control if a player opts in/out. But check marks next to each members name to show current “opt” status would be a useful tool i think

Crossed swords icon in the alliance members list for those opted in next to their names?
But also visible war activity status for our opponents would be nice. And helpful… That way we could start planning our tactics right after matchmaking. I know regular defense may be different than the war defense, but it can be a decent insight…

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Well my war plan never changes:

Step 1. Defense = Run same color tank as rest of my team and put best heros around it i can

Step 2. Offense= Kill 'Em All

Well, our F2P/C2P alliance with defenses in 2500-4000 range can hardly run same color tanks and we’re mostly matched with similar alliances (so far encountered only two allies with same color tanks). For us, seeing opted in opponents would be beneficial…

Well alliances that wanna run same color tank can work towards that goal. I mean is asking your members to level up a hero in 1 color a lot to ask?(meaning do they just not have the heros or they just havent leveled the heros yet)

Rosters are mostly limited with very few good tank candidates. Can’t force someone with Buddy tank and only Chao in yellow to comply to all yellow tanks rule…

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It really depends on how often you would like to win. Rainbow tanks are defeated easier than mono tanks.

To each their own

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