Make war opt-in instead of opt-out

My apologies if this already came up, but I couldn’t find the following idea when searching through this forum topic.

Can you please make war an opt-in part of the game? It would be great if it could reset after every war or maybe if a player opted in, but didn’t participate in a war or doesn’t use at least 3 attacks. Then the player would fall back to having to opt in.

As an alliance leader I can see the frustration within my Alliance as a couple of players don’t opt out, but appear in war as an easy catch for the enemies, not using a single attack. Some of them are appearing online, but ignore the war or our messages asking them to opt out. Other players use 1 attack and then give up for whatever reason (heroes too low etc.), but every hit counts. As those players participate in titan battles we don’t want to kick them from the Alliance, but we want to have a chance to win a war with those who are active in war.


I think perhaps you should boot players who behave in such an unacceptable way. If this leaves you short of numbers, it might be a good idea to merge with another alliance.

Alliances don’t need to tolerate players who are so slack, unless that’s the flavour of the group.


We lost the war that just ended because of a player or two that did not use flags , I don’t like to call them out but my leader has appointed me Sergeant of arms. We only lost by 63 points and had those flags been used we would have won. I like the opt in idea because if you like war you will not miss the opt in. I understand there is real life, but for the people that participate and build up six teams or more this is a valuable and entertaining part of the game, hopefully your idea will get some consideration if that is at all possible :grinning:


Thanks for your thoughts! As said, they are there for the titans and that’s why I feel bad for booting them. But it seems to be time to boot some as this isn’t fair to the others. Luckily we won’t be short of players and are always open for having new one’s join. But I think in general it would help to make war opt-in as sometimes people just are caught up in life (which is totally fine :+1:t3:) and just forget to opt out. Players who are into war will definitely aim to opt in. At least that’s what I hope!


Thanks for the post dkay. I’d be in favor of this or at least alliance leaders being able to opt teams out. They should have some power to set the participants.

In a vacuum, a leader/elder opting another team out is a step below a full kick from the alliance and could serve as a warning.


I feel this thread belongs here @Rook @zephyr1

But having said that.

In your case where a player is logging in during AW’s and not using hits and you have warned them, then booting is your best option.

But I do agree with the idea of everyone being opted outed out after the end of every war and needing to opted in if they choose to participate as this would would solve the issue of players who don’t log in for what ever reason (which is fine as we all have a real life to attend to) to be automatically opted in and then those that do opt in well they will be participating players.

Then you will now for sure if a player opts in just for rewards and then booting would be a far fairer outcome for the alliance.

This option is also the easiest and quickest fix for the devs as it just requires to change the checkbox which says opt all members into AW’s automatically to opt out. It’s a 30 seconds fix which doesn’t involve messing around with codes.


I agree with:

  • players having to opt in
  • leaders / co-leaders able to check who has opted in for war.

Recently one team mate had opted out of a previous war, then opted in for the war that got cancelled. After the recent update the game had opted him out. He only realised he wasn’t taking part when he saw he wasn’t on the battlefield. He is our war general so that was really awkward

Another team mate had opted in for the previous war and due to RL commitments opted out of war. With the update he was opted in - we lost that war by 18pts :cry:

If leaders had known beforehand who had “officially” opted in / out they can do something about it during match making. Alas once war has started, it’s too late.

I agree with making it an OPT IN event similar to raid tournament each time.

Otherwise people go on vacation, get busy with their ex-wife, or some other RL nonsense, and the collective alliance suffers, because people forgot to opt out, to even the playing field. Zombie players hurt the game.

Simply change it so that those who are active can opt in for that particular War. This also addresses the issue of people quitting the game suddenly without leaving an alliance.

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As I read in a post from last year, everyone should opt manually each war. Same way as we choose to enter a tournament. This way idle players wouldn’t be a problem anymore.
Seems like a simple feature to add to further updates.

Hm this makes me wonder if everyone should be opted in to raid tournament until they idle out instead.

I like the intent of your suggestion but I would not like this quality of life downgrade for me.

Personally, as I play the game everyday, I don’t mind checking manually twice a week (and one more time for the tournament). Doesn’t seem like a hurdle at all. But idle players in wars, what a pain…

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I wouldn’t see it as a quality of life downgrade at all, and I certainly do not want to be automatically opted in to raid tournaments!!!

I can see how somebody might forget to opt in beforehand though, so maybe there should be some sort of pop up reminder 24-48 hours before it’s too late to opt out/opt in.

Though that in and of itself…I know, I know, the last thing we need is more freaking pop ups. But I would appreciate the pop ups if they served as helpful reminders.

Funny how I always get pop ups when something is for sale, yet when there is a free item to be claimed… huh! Didn’t get a pop up reminding me of that, now did I? Wonder why… :thinking: :laughing:

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Why do you not want to be opted in to raid tournaments? Even if you don’t play you still get some loot.

Really? Don’t I at least have to set a defense team or something? Or will the game just automatically default me to 5 Aifes?

It always auto picks a defense for me. It’s never a good one though.

I can see some people not setting their defense because they were not prompted (same way it happens now for very fast wars).

But it’s still better to participate than not even if you have a bad defense.

Maybe we just need customized notifications.

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In that case, perhaps I should opt in after all.

I know it’s generally recommended anyway as a way to fill raid chests without using raid flags or risking trophies, I just really don’t enjoy raids all that much, so I don’t usually do them.

But hey - free loot without having to do anything, I suppose I could sign up for that.

I thought I had to actually do raids in order to qualify for loot.

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I’m not sure what happens if you have zero attacks. Worst case you can start a raid and flee immediately to get 1 loss. Other players will thank you for increasing the number of participating players which increases rewards for everyone else.

To the points you mentioned, I don’t like raids much either. Wish there was auto play. But those free flags are helpful in filling the chest.

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I figured it was like wars or titans… you have to at least attack once to get credit.

But I suppose I could casually do a couple of raids just for the heck of it. Problem for me would be remembering to do them, since they’re not part of my normal rotation.

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