Make war entertaining again

My suggestion is simple. War is boring because there is no room for diversity . How we can solve it?
adding tournaments restrictions but for war .

One war can be allowed only 3* heroes , another war only 4* and so on.
Adding color restriction is another complementary way to stop alliances to discriminate players who dont own telluria and to start seeing a more diverse and healthy enviroment.

@Petri think about it ! please

The drawback is for small alliances and people with limited rosters… :frowning_face: (ugh!)


Tournament rules should apply randomly for wars, too.

That would bring variety back into the tellurish boredom.

I’d also appreciate weekly tank color rotation for raid defenses.

I’m so tired of hitting GTV+60 with always the same mono red team.


Support! The war became a routine. My guys stopped wanting to fight. It used to be an exciting event for them. Now it’s just an obligation that doesn’t bring pleasure. :roll_eyes:


Wars are a chore for me, I have never gone into a war excited. I only do them to support my alliance and fill war chests/ POV challeneges

There’s few things worse than having the edge on a team only for Alby or mother north fire their special, revive basically an entire team, one heals and then field aid kicks in. I swear wars are the worst feature in this game.

Wars are the most exciting part of the game, but could get some kind of refurbishment.

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I would support this, wars are boring as hell.

I flagged my own post in order to be closed by a mod but now im not sure if i want the post to be closed.
I thought my idea was bad , and i still think this, mainly because the tournaments rules may be restrictive for some players who dont develop their roster yet.

For example a war with only 3* star heroes . There are people who may not have 30 maxed 3*.

Another good idea would be color restriction, but again, you need to have a deep roster to play with restrictions.

Im open to new ideas , to be shared here, with luck petri will share with their work mates and some day finally we can enjoy a more dynamic war system, a fair one for every player level

Color restriction but for defenses only…
Or by adding rarity tiers as OP suggested and an emblemless war mode too.


It’s probably not a bad idea considering it’s been requested and discussed several times.

More ideas here:

And so forth:

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Closed at request of OP

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