Make the titan visible from season 2 & Season 3 season 4 maps

Members are forgetting to hit the titan because they are playing season 2 and forgetting about the titan. The titan does now appear on the season 2 map.

Small adjustment, but would save a lot of taps during a day.

Just putting a reminder notification like the Titan has Appeared one on the Season 2 map would be a decent reminder.

For me it’s not about forgetting the titan, but jumping back and forth between seasons, which is boring.

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Really? I don’t even go to the map to hit the titan, I just click on the alliance tab where conveniently the titan and alliance wars have they’re own tabs so you can go straight to them. Honestly feel like this is a ridiculous request.


It’s all about muscle memory, if I wanna hit the Titan, I always go through the map too…

I often go to map to select the titan as I sometimes want to see the attack history. So I would also like to be able to select the titan on S2 map or just add the View button to the titan tab so it is always there instead of only after the titan has been defeated.

You know what I’m honestly struggling to understand how this is so difficult for some people. Everything you are asking to do via the map is accessible through the alliance tab at the bottom of the screen. I don’t get why you’re too lazy to click back to the main screen that you need too have this available on the S2 map. It’s not like they’re making you run a marathon to see this information. When at your stronghold you have the ability to see all you want. It’s just pure laziness.

I dig this. Or get us season 2 titans xD

Hit log is not available from the alliance tab, that is useful info for estimating chances for the titan to go down and for leadership to understand the alliance’s activity pattern.

Not nice to judge people and call them lazy, just because you play differently and don’t understand the need. Also it’s a game, so should be allowed to feel comfortable in it. :slight_smile:

This is a very small development effort that would help active players.

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So I assume you. Want to see the event log? Which shows who attacked for how much and when? As well as the list of top attackers? Again this is accessible via the alliance tab. Unless you’re talking about something else then I’m not sure what it is you’re looking for.

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The event log is not available via the alliance tab while the titan is still alive.

Does the SG servers have enough resources to store such crappy requests from obviously lazy people.

It is, just press attack and you see it in next screen

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Cool never thought of that. That will work for me and is even better then finding titan on map :slight_smile:

Won’t help OP though.

The alliance tab is probably the most useful for tracking alliance events, it’s easier than the map, as it has the whole lot in one place. These requests are just ridiculous.

In general i don’t like map inconsistencies.

Lets add an island on season 1 and 2 for special quests and titans. This way we can keep the three lower left buttons stable and reach titan from every map.

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When you finish season 1 the game should make the titan go to the season 2 map just so you can stay on season2 map

I that is a great idea, I farm mostly in season 1, and the titan is always hovering around, kinda like a one stop shop. if it moved to season 2 I might finish the season sooner. might be an interesting experiment.

@Garanwyn @zephyr1

For merger consideration

Season 2 Titans

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