Make the progress for new players much easier & keep the game more attractive to them that way

I think at least the building of the base should be facilitated so that the new players can catch with the old players faster. It must be frustrating for many of the new players to feel like ants in a world of giants. Reducing the duration of building the base can be of great help and keep new players interested in the game. I notice that many of them give up after 1-2 weeks of playing, they are no longer active


That ship sailed 2 years ago…and it was captained by a man named Ahab.

If they give up after 1-2 weeks, then it means it’s not the game for them and probably such a small change will not help.
Changing the game so that people in few weeks can catch up with people playing 4+ years is simply impossible.


this is a 2 sided deal.
it may be a reason to bring and keep new players, make things easier for them. let them catch up.
but at the same time this is not fair for players who have been playing this game for 2+ years, if not more.
the thing about the game being “slow” for new players, they get to have time to learn and explore before being thrown into the “shark tank” with the experienced players, who have mad rosters and have developed the skill to mix and match their teams according to any opponent.

thats at least my take on this, not everyone may agree with me but i think that yes, some things may be made a bit easier, but it should be something all players can benefit from s.a. leveling up heroes, its a nightmare towards the last lvls


Started Xmas 2021… about 4.5 months ago. The thing that hooked me was figuring out that it would take over a year to max my buildings. The game looks for commitment. I was looking for that. Perfect match.

One thing I’ll add… I really don’t understand the reasoning behind joining a game and then coming to the forums asking them to change it. Find a game that suits you. Don’t expect every game to be a match.

Oops… another thing: Getting a 5star hero too early might just be a crippling thing. I pulled HotM in March. Zagrog. My only 5 star. I can see him taking a really long time to level up. Meanwhile, I’m neglecting other Fire heros that would probably be a better fit for me that would level faster. I know that pulling other 5 stars at this point would be a bad idea.


To be honest I can’t see an easy way to make the beginning easier.

Reduced building time:
Sounds nice, but in the end not that helpful. Most buildings are just there to build other buildings.
There are a few expectations.
Tc 12/13 is useful at the beginning, gives you guaranteed 3* heroes and chance for 4*, and you can reach that after around 1 month of playing without spending.
The next useful is tc20 with 5* heroes. But you can’t lvl them anyway if this building is given earlier, you are missing resources, ascension items and should focus on building 3* and 4* teams before leveling 5* heroes.
Hunters lodge and alchemy lab are completely useless for beginners. Hunter items are extremely expensive to build and should be used for top scores for myth titans, for everything else it’s probably just wasted. For alchemy lab they are missing items for exchange, so not helpful.
Only HA for building troops would really help new players. But than once again those are resource intensive, so probably not the best start.

Summary, reduced building time sounds nice but is not really helpful without further changes.

So what would be needed:
More ascension items, so that they could actually use the 5* they get early on.
But than those items would probably be more available for all, it’s nearly impossible to implement higher drop rates just for a special group. And with everyone getting those they still wouldn’t catch up…

And the problem that more and more heroes are hidden behind paywalls isn’t helping.
Even if they had full access to tc20 from the first day and are given the mats to lvl whatever they get, the best they could get is still only a S1 hero which won’t help much to close the gap.

I’m now playing over 4 years and I still haven’t caught the big players. They have 5 max troops in each color, I have 1 max and 2 on the way. They have 100 or more max 5* I have around 40. They have all the new S4 heroes, I have not a single one.
On the same time there are a few players which I know, playing maybe 1½ years ( little bit more or less) , who have surpassed me in pretty much every area.
The only thing which will help players to close the gap with big players is money and probably nothing else.

The best way for everyone else is just accepting that you must play with what you have. You can play nearly all parts of the game on most levels, you can play war and tournaments against relative even opponents and no help or time or whatelse besides huge sums of money will ever bring you on the same lvl as absolute top players.


They are now introducing new items for the new players that would help them catch up faster. Also, I do think that the “luck factor” is skewed for new players (just anecdotal evidence, no clear statistics).

The newly introduced magic troops are also helping in this regard, although they are behind a paywall.

I am ok with this and I think most players are as well, but we do need a balance between helping them catch up and making long term efforts of those playing for several years worthwhile. Otherwise there is the risk that these players quit and I am not sure if the new ones will manage to fill in the void they leave.

What I do feel though is that it is getting more and more difficult for new free to play players to catch up, but this is more about how friendly the game is towards free to play than how friendly the game is towards beginners. In any case, they need to be treated separately.


The game lost steam about two years ago. There was a more active F2P and C2P community. They chose not to make S2 heroes available from TCs when those players were still playing. It was suggested they do that. Part of the impact was the 3* event and raid tournaments. Those players had solid 3* rosters and knew their heroes better than the whales. But the whales bought the best 3*, bought WE to farm boards endlessly and started dominating those parts of the game. We lost those top low-spending players that provided a community for new low-spending players; they provided a lot of peer support as well.
One could track the fall of EnP in the AppleStore rankings.

If you like the game, keep playing. It is your time and money. But fewer are choosing that path.


I am curious why you chose to come back on the forum and share your humour and stories (which I appreciate), considering that your mentioned somewhere that you’ve not been playing for a while…

It’s never a bad idea to get non s1 5*

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I’d be more ok with giving new players vivica instead of bane. Hell… Give her to them fully leveled. I hated raids to begin… My 2/3* heroes going up against patient leveled 4* heroes…

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I agree with the OP. My buildings are done. My only gain is potentially, new friends and teammates. SGG’s gain is potential new revenue sources and a more vibrant community.

New events are much harder to complete. Obstacles that facilitate quitting when a new player compares what they have to what they think they’ll need. Towers, mythic titans, CoK, ToL, just to name some of them. Imo, progress in building needs to be much faster.

My suggesting is to level good heroes. I spent a good green of feeders in the early days leveling heroes i never use, even today. Prisca comes to mind. But i do still use gunnar melia nordri, costume brienne… And in the s1 4*, boldtusk, rigard, sabina… You can always ask. I don’t like Zagrog for my team… I want upset that i didn’t pull him… Nor Silvaria, but kara would be a good long-term investment… Oh… And zagrog is fine… Just not for me.

Are they not just soldier ants? The one who did the “grunt” work to improve?

I’ll see myself out.

Just checking in. Was hoping they would allow trading; there are some useful unleveled dupes in the account that others would enjoy.

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I would have traded the dupes for whatever. Aife. Derric. Whatever. The account is no longer used and it would be nice for others to get “value” from summons that were made but never fully utilized.
The 5* elemental defense drop heroes are almost a must on large titans but difficult to grab.

Thank you guys for your opinions. I’m not newbie to this game, I’m playing the game since 2019. I know how long it took me to build the base. I think food was what hindered my progress at the beginning of the game, I just did not have food to level my heroes. I just wanted to hear the opinion of other players. I personally do not mind if the progress of new players is accelerated with some novelties in the game. Personally I have seen a lot of players have stopped playing around level 15, it is about 2 weeks of playing. I wondered why? If the game is not interesting you will stop playing after level 5, if you played until level 15 then the game was interesting to you and for some reason it led to you losing interest. But that’s just my personal opinion I do not expect everyone to agree with that. But I’m sure some of the old players would not mind seeing more active players in the game, that is why I started this discussion, so the game would be even more interesting with more active players.

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I think your idea is great. :100:

I´ve played the game for little more than 1 and a half year by now, and I´d really have loved to see a bit more tending to newer players back when I started. Perhaps even a “package” that would grant one a more swift levelling of bases and heroes.

Some games also have this “experience bonus week” - where all experience you earn are doubled etc.

There are so many great ideas, yet none have been done in the past, which can only lead me to guess, that it´s not what the team behind the game cares much about. Those players that stick around, and have the interest in that, are perhaps those that, later down the line, spends a lot of money on this casino. And those seem to be the players they want to have as their player segment.

I don´t mean to sound negative, but actions speak loud, but so does inaction - sometimes it says even more. It appears as if the game and its content, based on the last six months or longer at least, is going in a direction that does not quite care much about new players.
Not because they ‘forget’ about their existance, but because an active choice have been made behind the scenes, on which player segment is worth the most to spend their time on.

If only it was possible to appeal to all player segments and make sure all feel heard and are having a good time. I´m positive that would be possible.


For me as a new player the difficulty is the high resource cost of upgrading the food and iron storages rather than the time of the upgrades. I finally got up to stronghold lvl 21 and thought that advanced storages would hold more or be more cost effective. No. Way more resource for small increase in storage that then I have to do several times to advance is what is currently stalling me. Got a Hunters Lodge and thought, yay, this will be cool. But first thing, the harpoons, got 2771 food to research. That’s crazy. Before this I could get by on 700,000 or so in food storage. Had to spend the last month leveling up food storage just to research harpoons even with two workers it has been a big pain.


The only way is to spend more !! Bitter & greedy way of SG