Make the next Path of Valor Premium Pass free for all during #PlayTogetherApart

Such an action would genuinely show SGG’s commitment to the initiative and their true concern and gratitude for their player base.

The Social Isolation will extend for un unknown period of time and what’s best to help us keep playing on a daily basis than the Path of Valor?

Stay safe everyone!


Good and well thought Idea! Go for it, SG. Do your gamers this favour and you will shine brighter than before.


Me parece una idea perfecta en los tiempos que estamos viviendo , todo esto va crear aún más vínculos de amistad y solidaridad con las personas …Un saludo y gracias


Hola @Nirvana67

Voy a traducir tu mensaje para que no hagan «flags»:

Seems like a perfect idea to me in the times we are living, all this will create even more bonds of friendship and solidarity amongst people.
…Cheers and thanks


no way they do it. This game was/is made only to profit. Prices of everything are so high, normal people can not afford it. Cost of everything here should be divided by 10 to make sence.


I’m not saying what they will or won’t do :wink:

It’s just a suggestion.

Stay safe @Lestad


I agree I would love for sg to do that free valor pass for one month but I don’t think they will. Please sg do us all solid during this tough time.


Nice idea, free premium pass for everyone


I think it’s a great idea. Especially with so many players getting screwed last time around with the path of valor pass. Not being able to make up points got me stuck right before level 49 and I wasn’t happy about it. 1 challenge event pretty much screwed me and made me feel like I wasted my money as I only bought the pass for the scope.


i understand, but it is nothing more than nice wish. We allready got 1 world energy flack which´s cost is zero, zero , nothing and that is all

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Oh, we were moved.

Well, I wasn’t trying to make it into an actual feature (it sounds so ominous) of the game hence why I created the topic at General Discussions and not here at the Ideas&Suggestions

Just that it would be a nice gesture from SGG considering we’re all going through struggles during this hard times.

C/c: @zephyr1 @JonahTheBard @Guvnor


Hi Fabs

I think SG have something in mind already that is supposed to be linked to alliances.

But I’d love a free PoV pass!


I thought it was worth a vote


:notes: when you wish upon a path… :notes:

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Surely if this idea is accepted I will change my mind about the SG and I will continue to spend even if I would have liked to have as a gift a hero 5 x all a hero who has not yet come out

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Great idea, but I think it’s unfair to those players that every day I invest or to stay top

It’s not unfair once everyone would get rewards only by what they have achieved in the Path of Valor

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I donated one of my few votes left to this.

I think it would be a grand gesture in these times. It wouldn’t cost too much and it wouldn’t really be unfair as many of those who could get to 50 would likely buy the pass anyway. It’s one free 4* mat if you can finish.

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@nevarmaor This whole Covid-19 situation is so sad, anxiety driving…

I hope you are safe, dear :slight_smile:


I do what I can. Thanks for your concern. My company is deemed essential right now and I can’t work from home so …

I hope you are keeping healthy and safe :pleading_face:

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