Make The Game Offline if the Internet Stops


Would love this but impossible to do when you have real-time Titan hits, War scores, and raid cups that constantly fluctuate and need to be updated in real-time.

Imagine if someone is on a plane and when they get on the Titan has 100K left but only 10 minutes. They pop a flask and do enough damage to kill the Titan. In the meantime, back on Earth, their alliance doesnt do enough damage to kill it and a lesser Titan appears as a result. 3 hours later the plane lands and uploads the kill. Do you then re-adjust the new Titan strength? What about War scenarios like that where you and someone else kill the same team because it wasnt able to update real-time giving your team the chance to kill the strongest teams over and over without a cool off period? Too many variables that the general public would not go for.

Farming is pretty much the only thing you can do offline. And I would be all for that.

I think (though it’s hard to tell) that the OP wants a more robust check-back to the server, not something that’s completely off-line. I’ve had this problem, too – something fluctuates in your Wifi or LTE at the wrong moment and bang frozen screen and 0 points for titan/war-battle/raid. It would be great if there was a more robust retry protocol on the server calls to reduce this incidence of these glitches.


Agree - I lost 10 feeder heroes this morning as there was a glitch on my wi-fi when I was feeding them to a hero. When the game reconnected, I had lost the feeders, but the hero had not levelled up. Not a disaster, but annoying.

Good idea i agre for that idea. Very well

I can’t agree more, Kerri :wink:

Fully agree. Two things to be done in this case:

  • The game should pause a moment and enable the player to re-connect (if the wifi signal stops, the “normal” internet for mobile phones usually still works) and complete the raid, war fight or map level

  • If this cannot be done or the internet connection is lost for a longer time, then at least make that fight don’t count zero. If a player has already inflicted 15k damage to the titan or defeated two opponent heroes in war, count the battle as if the player had fled and not as if it had never existed.

If the thing with the pause cannot be implemented for anti-cheating reasons, implementing the second would at least reduce some of the frustration. I’d rather have 10 points in alliance wars and a defeated tank than a non-existing fight while losing one flag…

Agree. Don’t see the need to keep connection during all the raid - sure it’s not very complicate to make the update of trophies only at the end of the battle. Or maybe to turn an auto-battle mode on in case of disconnection. It’s not very nice to lose a fight when you have all your 4-5* team alive and healthy and only one single half-bitten 2* enemy rest. Without a chance to a second try.

I had Wi-Fi issues but have never actually lost anything.

This is live action game which means everytime you click on anything within the game it is registered on their server and you losing WiFi on your device doesn’t stop that action from completing which means when you go back into your game you should see the results of that action.

What would be affected are things like live battles like the time left on titan hits but you should still get the points already accumulated, battles for raids and AW woukd display as if you ran away from the battle which is yes annoying.

If you where to actually lose say for example a 10 x summons while it is in progress of bring up heros then you should complain to SG as it is a server issue because losing your internet does not stop that action from being completed on their server and you should see the results when you log back in. If you actually lost those 10 summons then that would mean their server had either a clitch, internet lose or some sort of issue , maybe because it was in the peak period or whatever but it was from their end not yours.

I have lost connection many times but always got the results when in come/log back on.

I know this gets into an area which becomes complicated and to the average person it’s seems or sounds strange but don’t rule out that option.

Losing internet whilst in the middle of a battle sucks for sure but not anything anyone can do about it as that is just part on the internet world we live in.

Making this type of game work in an offline environment would be pretty much impossible and if it where would require quite a few Gb’s of storage on your device which 95% of users wouldn’t have.

Other reasons for losing stuff in live action circumstances are not allowing cookies on your device as cookies help to remembers what you did or where you where when you get cut off.
Not connecting it to your Google account which stores your events as you play also helps to recover.

NOTE: A game that constantly freezes isn’t necessarily an internet issue as it could also cone from your device running low on ram or not having enough storage to run the game. I have helped I have a few members in my allience solve that issue who are now happy because freezing is a thing of the past.

No company weather in this case SG or your internet service providers will admit or take responsibility for internet loss because the causes of thise losses vary in so many different ways that it’s impossible to place blame at any one company alone and they know it, that the bottom line here is you need to take your own precautions and prevention measures as well as understanding the differences between a live action instance and an offline one.

Hope this helps some of you and I am sure these comments will not please most of you as it will not make any sense and nobody wants/likes to lose anything but unfortunately the internet isn’t perfect and never will no matter weather it comes from your Service provider or the connected server (In this case SG’s).

There’s lots of games that do this but for reasons already pointed out even giving you a longer ping before deciding you’re disconnected isn’t fair to everyone else. Real time means just that and if you’re offline because your internet drops it’s not a server issue it’s your own. Sure it sucks not to play what you want when you want but if you’re getting so mad that you’re going to COME YELL ABOUT IT then you’re too emotionally vested and might need a reality check.

I really don’t think you should try to play a game that is entirely online if you KNOW your internet lags and can’t handle it when it drops.

Just sayin’.

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Please, is it possible to fix the game so we can play offline when the internet is suddenly lost or at least not lose health/raid/titan/war points? Thanks

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