Make the game easier for players regarding chest openings

Hello everyone,

As you all know, heroes and monsters chest open 12 hours after previous is finished. Having that on mind, it is easy to conclude that you need to have that exact timing, and finish the chest immediately upon starting it, in order to open 2 chests on that day. It is almost impossible to do this every time, always postponing that time sometimes for several minutes, sometimes more making it impossible to return on the same time you want to do it, before school, before going to work, anyting it comes to your mind…

Why not put it, on lets say 11 hours, making it a lot easier for players to attain. We don’t need people glued to the game 24/7, who speed up the chest will still do it, you can for example put higher diamond price to speed the chest. I also sometimes skip the chest when I want to do 3, but it is really hard sometimes to maintain 2 chests.

Best regards and good luck to everybody,
Maks Boskovic

It takes < 10 minutes to fill a chest. So either for your morning or evening monster fill (or whenever you do it) you spend 1 gem to skip up to 53 minutes and reduce that timer. Every chest reward guarantees at least 1 gem and usually more.

I’d be more interested in a slightly reduced Mystic Vision timer. I usually miss out on the third. Sleep >> E&P

It gives you an incentive to spend a gem to speed it up and have a constant timing.

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