Make Spirit Links Great Again!

What you developers did to spirit linked characters is almost criminal!

I remember when I first started playing this game how I HATED raiding an opponant with a spirit link. It was awefull. Eventually I started to hit “Re-Roll” just to avoid Spirit Linked raid teams. The worst were those with a spirit link and two healers…that was like spit balls on a great wall.

Then one day I got Gunnar. You remember that kid down the street who got all excited he got his McDonald’s and you didn’t? Singing the McDonald’s song…Yeah, well that was me when I rolled a Gunnar in free summons! Now I get to be the annoying team whom everyone is going to re-roll past because its going to suck dealing with my team with a healer in tow.

I had fun too. ■■■■ my raid scores were great. When I was asleep my defense team ruined so many players. I’d go back to my game and see so many new gifts. Even players with 2000+ team power to my 1600 lost to my team.

Then version 1.3 came out and the fun is all over.

Yep you guys screwed up the Spirit Link power. Don’t know why…oh wait someone said; “It’s not fair”. Yeah, you listened to a wimp and not someone who thinks, “I want that character cos it kicked my butt in raids, it must be awesome”.

So the changes you made to spirit link, to Gunnar completely ruined the special skill. Now this skill is more of a detriment than a help. It’s poison to the character. So Gunnar got replaced cos 1.3 update rendered ALL Spirit links WORTHLESS!!!

Oh, and how worthless? When I hit raids, I look forward to hitting opponents with Spirit Links. I try to keep those characters alive and I want them to get their special link power because it’s all one hit 5 kills for 6 rounds. I’ve won Raid matches purely due to the opponent having a Spirit Link!

So please, here is my feature request; Make Spirit Links share the received damaged relative to their health instead of “equally”.

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I agree, but instead of just hitting the like button I’m going to post something, to make sure Megalodon reads my appreciation for his thought. Pointless? Perhaps.

I have not had a character with the spirit link skill, but I certainly used to struggle to beat them. It was tough. Since the update Gunnar has become an easy victim. Seems a bit unfair to those who had that hero. Also takes some of the fun out of playing them.

Should we emasculate all the heroes?

(P.S. - I also love the way Megalodon posts. This is someone that cares. It makes me happy.)


Most times when I get someone with Spirit Link, all of my hits are reduced to single digits making the team near impossible to kill before they can kill me.

When you go up in levels that wont happen any more. If anything you discover that Spirit links become an advantage to you and a complete weakness to your opponent who has them. That never was the case before. It’s better to keep special powers super and difficult to beat, or what the point when you finally get that hero? Wheres the excitement?

I personally understand the complaints about the old Spirit Link, it could be a nightmare to deal with. But what I think a lot of people missed was that there were very easy ways to counter it. The obvious one was saving Gunnar or Kailani for last, but a bigger one I found was a hero like Tyrum (Sabina, Belith, Sonya, Caedmon…) with the magic words “and remove buffs from all enemies”…


That’s a great point. There are ways to beat most of these heroes. Nerfing them because people can’t work it out seems like a very sorry solution.


The ability I hate is gambler’s stance. If I have Wu Kong but don’t use him because of it. If I see an opponent with it. I aim for them to make it go off. It is way more detrimental than helpful

It’s great to have on attack, because it increases your volatility. I use it as soon as possible when I’m attacking teams with stronger heroes than me.

Some of the time it ruins me, but I probably would have lost without it anyway. I lose 8 or 15 trophies. And some of the time it helps me win a miraculous victory, and I bank 45 or 52 trophies. Kewl.

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Spirit Link is very hard to play against in a raid. I get crushed every time and reroll to avoid.
it would be nice to see Defensive Tactics (Olaf’s buff) stack with each new rendition, just to be able to compete defensively.

Bring a dispeller against spirit link.

All of these heros make spirit link a small bump in the road.

Belith, Tyrum, Melendor, Sonya, Caedmon, Sabina, Zeline, Panther and Domitia.

I might have forgotten a dispeller or two

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Spirit link is a pain. I hated when I first faced it. I am still new so I got gunnar and was like cool. Well then I thought again. Not so cool really. He can get wiped out pretty quickly. Now if I raid against him I usually target him first. The last I was on had him in the center. Not the best place at all. had the board go my way and he was gone before anything happened.

Moral of the story is I am not so scared of him anymore.

Little John and Colen on the other hand still freak me out…

Good point, I haven’t come across the heroes you mentioned but will keep that in mind.

You really haven’t come across any of those heroes?

Okay definitely an interesting read. I have to say though Spirit link once had an offensive application too. Let me explain.

Brienne , and Gunnar together against the right type of titan was great as long as you could get their specials firing at the same time. This being said I am yet to find a better combination though I am sure one exists.

Maybe it has changed drastically as I don’t run the old combination of the two primarily because Titans tend to prove the two a little easier to kill then I may like. Spirit link seems a little high risk, high reward but I think it is probably okay overall.

I’ve seen Caedmon, but don’t have any of them myself. Still own 2* heroes in my party… new player.

I just realised that this thread was necroed after 10 months. Is that a new record?

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Uh yeah, probs… I used the search function instead of creating a new thread about an existing topic ^.^



Dude, you would have been hating life with the way Spirit Link used to be. Spirit Link used to be AWESOME. But that was the whole point. You run into a character you don’t like fighting against and you try to get that character.

Today in Raids I look forward to Spirit Links because the way the devs nerfed them. It’s so easy to kill your opponent. In raids I keep those characters alive because I want their special to activate. It’s like easy one stop shop killing.

Sorry, I know this is a very old post, but could someone explain how the developers nerfed spirit link? I have been using Gunnar occasionally and still find spirit link useful and effective. So what part of it got nerfed? Would appreciate it if someone could clarify. Thanks!


It uswd to be that when ever you would a spirit link hero and set them up in a team of healers, you would have one hell of a defense team to fight in raids. Spirit link really did take one of your hits and spread it thinly across all heroes on the team.

Then the devs changed something and now I am so happy when I see someone use a spirit link character in a raid. I try to keep that dude alive cos I want their power to go off. What happens now is instead of taking the one hit and dissipate the power of the across all heroes in the team, it just clones the hit and each hero on the team now gets the same damage as the target hero on the defensive team.

It has never been fixed.

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