Make something a weaker person could win

How about making a tournament where if any 5 of your heroes and troops add to more than 3200 TP you can NOT even join. Give them 3* ascension items and small petty stuff for loot. MAKE them feel as they have accomplished something. That will lead to them wanting to get stronger. Happier people make better players.

So basicly :point_up_2: is what you would suggest?

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If only life were that simple dude

Not really, that would still not be good enough for weaker players

1* trainer tournament. Locked teams No need to have them in roster.

What I am getting at is even in the 2* tournaments the whales are the ones to beat. If NO 5 heroes and troops in their WHOLE team can add to more than 3200 TP the whales are GONE

The little folks do NOT need to win 4* ascension items they still do NOT need them but at that stage what us bigger people feel as petty they would LOVE. They still enjoy monster chests and things like that. With the events now 15 stages long it will be even LONGER before they can even come close to finishing.