Make some beta info public for all members in the forum

Don’t get me wrong. I understand what beta is for and that all the info cannot be shared too early.
But for example saying the color of next month hero and the general powers… For example purple healer that reduce defense…
That is not going to change and everybody can plan how to spend gems in a better way and not only people in beta.
I think it is not too much to ask and I think that the rules of beta testers allow it.
What do you think? There may be a post where this info is updated? Like the info they add for each release?

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If you read the forums carefully, you will find that most beta content is discussed pre-release. For example, the upcoming HotM are summarized nice;y here:

And the next HotM, Frida, is intensively discussed over here:

And the weekly challenge raids now in beta are here:

Understand that SGG prohibits posting screenshots or videos.


the colour is a fixed order, purple, blue, red, green, yellow.

But generally i agree, the cards could be shown in the general forum with all the numbers blanked out so that everyone has a good idea about what is coming while still giving enough cover for changes to be made

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Gender, race, eventually breast size is enough? :face_with_monocle:

You may find many information in the forum. But it is not structured and not always everything.
I think it’s not so complex to make it in a structured way.
Something similar than the version updates, so there is no need to search in all the forum…

I agree, a sticky thread for beta updates that comply with SG’s policies would be very useful.

Definitely much better to have some kind of official information rather than just searching through forum to find some information. There are definitely topics that would worth imho (HOTM, calendar of upcoming events, new features and development,…).

Yes. I think that all the info I ask is already public. I only ask some order. Maybe it’s not necessary that SG do it, and it’s enough a sticky post with some moderator that have access to beta, and the ok to do it from SG.
I think it will be a very useful post for all the community.