Make scrolling through roster logical

I can’t find anything recent on this (Make it easier to havigate through your hero roster & Hide Locked/Unavailable Heroes), so here goes.

I need to scroll through my whole roster, which is tedious to say the least, every time I want to level someone, or find someone.

Then when I’ve chosen someone, I have to do it all again.

Say, like just now, I scrolled down to my purple to level a purple hero and chose him. Then when I go to select feeders, I’m suddenly at the bottom, at the red. So I have to scroll all the way up again. Just for one hero. When I’m usually doing five or six at a time. Very time-consuming, and no wonder people make mistakes (e.g., using the wrong card to level), bc you’re trying to go quickly and it doesn’t want to go quickly.

Why not, if we’ve selected a purple hero, have the roster start the second time at purple?

Or something easier.

And, as others have suggested, sort without taking teams into consideration. If I want to sort everybody, I have to undo all my teams (eight) and then redo them. Hardly efficient.

Especially since I’m thinking my roster scrolling is getting slower and slower, and it might have something to do with the number of slots I have (160-something).

I can’t see it getting any faster as it stands, bc I have to level with two or three at a time, and often with inefficient stars or colours, rather than waiting for the ten I actually want to use, unless I want to keep spending more and more gems on nothing but increasing my roster capacity.

Just have some buttons at the top. If sorted by element, then the buttons are the elemental colors. If it sort by class, then the buttons are class emblems. It would make life so much better.

That’s interesting. Wonder if it would be easy to implement.

Most of it is clearly already there. If they went with the option of bringing the selected color/class to to the top, they already do this for tournaments and such. if they instead positioned you to the correct place but kept the ordering as it normally is, then I can see that it might take a bit more time, but it isn’t that huge a development effort even then.

Sort by color…then when you want to level up say purple hero you’ll need to scroll to that group to get the feeder heroes but once you level up and want to go again it’ll go to the purple…you’ll have to repeat it for the next color you choose …it would be much simpler if they had it so when you choose whatever color hero you’re going to level up it automatically goes to that group

You are sorting it by color, sort it by power instead. I know this is not a solution, it is rather a workaround but you spare yourself the frustration at least.

Whatever sort I do, I’m scrolling over and over, and still have to scroll past all my teams to get where I’m going, and back up again from the bottom when the game decides I’m starting at red even though I was just at purple. I’ve sorted by colour for the most part.

I’ll try a different sort, but I haven’t had much luck with that. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I tend to agree with finding a solution as my roster is over 250 heroes big thus scrolling down every feeding time can become annoying and tedious.

Your right but this wouldn’t solve the problem as it would actually make it worse for me as I am a speed feeder and not an element/colour feeder.

The best way around this IMO would be to have 1 and 2 star feeders stored into a new/different tab so that when you tap on a hero it instantly opens up in a new panel with nothing but feeders beneath it.

This would at the same time also create more room in your roster for extra stored heroes.

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Cross posting my personal way of getting around most of this:


actually it makes it even easier for you, all the feeders at the bottom together, regardless of color

Yea but it’s the continuous scrolling down 250 long roster that’s annoying, lol

that’s how do i it, too. much easier especially feeding in-color

@Ozy1 have a read of my post above…

I haven’t scrolled through my roster in months and months and months.

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you shouldn’t have to! it will scroll automatically to the bottom for you

exactly! it is crazy how people won’t take an advice

Yes I know this.
But my comment is for when I am feeding others like trainers which I do colour feed or duplicate 3* etc which means I need to scroll through my long roster and then scroll back down again to the feeders. At times I am doing this a few times over.

I always take and accept advice but I was told anything I didn’t already know.

As just stated above it’s only annoying at times when your swopping and changing the hero your feeding thus I agree with the OP finding a simple or different solution to avoid that would be nice.
All I did was provide a little support to the OP for a not so bad new idea. I wasn’t complaining at all.

how is this about trainers? i told you the way and now you are saying that you already knew that and what you said earlier was about trainers. oh, the insecurities

I have a “leveling team” consisting of my current projects. the heroes are ordered in the team by element from left to right. then my whole roster is sorted by element too, and when I go through hero to hero, I have to scroll up or down only a bit.
but in general roster management needs A LOT of work!!! for one, do NOT simply gray out unavailable roster, REMOVE them from the view. or have a toggle to turn this feature on or off. why do I need to look at blue heroes in a no-blue tournament? or barbarians in a non-barbarian trial?
a script kiddie can implement these functionalities, but until they find a way to monetize it, these money grabbing freaks wont do it.

Not really. The heroes in teams are always at the top, which is very disturbing.
I mean “power” shall be power and not team+power first then power.
The same for everything else.
Therefore a button is missing. Sorting “by team”, basically this is what really available now.

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I think your don’t understand the proposal.

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