Make Reset Emblems more Common – Rare Quest or Challenge Event Rewards, Forge Crafting, Shop, Special Offers, Titan Chests

I know there’s a similar thread to this but I am making this separate to get more visibility on an alternative. There is an idea gaining ground to remove the penalty for resetting emblems with gems. I think this would give p2p players too big of an advantage as they can buy food refills as well.
Instead of this, I would like to see increased availability of the Reset Emblems. Perhaps add them to an existing Rare Quest or Challenge Event completion reward. What do you guys think of this?

To me the best would have been to unlock specifics class nodes with emblems and then being able to empower every hero of said class.

But even your completion reward’s idea isn’t half bad :slight_smile:

-20 characters of grind

One thing I realized after posting this: the Reset Emblem is the ONLY item in the game that doesn’t have a guaranteed source. Flasks can be bought in the store. Emblems and Ascension mats are guaranteed in the Quests. Why not have one for Reset Emblems too?

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[Stub] Craft Reset emblems, buy in shop, Titan chests

We have 4 Forges, let us craft Reset emblems with a crafting time of 4 days. So a player could craft 4 Reset emblems in 4 days.

During Challenge events let us buy bundles of 30 Reset emblems ( Featured section, In stock: 1 ).

Add 5x reset emblems to every Wanted Titan Mission Chest.

Click for germ of this idea

Ffs we need more reset emblems…


I am removing my vote.

Even if I got back 100% of my emblems for free. I cannot afford the cost in iron. Even if I got back 100% of my iron, it would not fit in my iron storage.

For me, reset emblems have zero value.

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I totally agree with this, I was going to use my 1 token (the free one we all got) until I realised that I would never catch up on the food needed to use 500 emblems. Especially since AR was released (So now if you save your WE flasks you have way more recruits than you can use seemingly) the food needed to use up those emblems just isn’t going to appear

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I’m always looking for them

Hmmm… Right now they look quite common for me. I dont use them much so they just keep piling up.

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I envy you, please give me some?
I asked very nicely with cherries on top :cake:

A 2nd more common type would be cool, which releases single nodes.

Total strip is hard ham and iron consuming, if you like to retalent the same hero with less nodes.

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Well, if I could… The majority, in fact, comes from raid tournaments, they seem very frequent in top1%-top5% loot.

Since I posted this, the Reset Emblems have been added to some of the Trials. Not the avenue I was thinking of, but it certainly accomplished my goal with this thread


Should this be closed then? (I assume that would release the votes?)

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Yes. I believe the rarity has been addressed sufficiently. Until the reply this morning, I had forgotten about this one!


Closing per request of OP

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