Make RARE Quests the way they used to be!


When Rare Quests were first introduced, they were as you developers of the game have stated they would be, Awesome!

They were!

No Rare quests are AN ABSOLUTE JOKE!!!

These rare quests are the worst ever. 5 levels of nothing but items you can find on the map with only one 5* item on the final stage. Its been like this every time. I keep hoping that something would change, but nope! I have seen are colors of the recent rare quests and they need to be seriously improved.

Here is how you need to do it guys…and this is the way it was.

Out of the five stages of rare quests the first 3 levels were things you could find on the map.
Stage four was always the stage you can get 1 pair of gloves and 1 compass.

Stage five always had one super rare ascension item for 4* and one for 5*.

Please go back to this. We barely see rare quests anymore and when we do there is only one item for 5* heroes in it, all the rest are things we can get on the map.


Already taken care of. Updates coming in 1.6 per the devs.


This is good news. Thank you so much for responding.


What I really don’t like with these rare quests is the difficulty ratings.

You have your lower stages, easily cleared with even a less powerful team.

The second to last stage of the quest that’s currently up has a suggested team power rating of 2150, so slightly more significant. Still mostly within the realm of reason, yes?

And then. There is the last level. With a difficulty rating of 3120.


That’s almost a thousand point jump between the two last levels of this quest. Which makes no sense whatsoever.



I think this is a legitimate concern. That is a pretty huge jump. Maybe to just 3000 instead?

However, get Rare Quests back to the way their were, we’ll be good!


I think it is a legitimate jump if both quests were intended to progress to the final ascension level for 4* & 5* respectively. 2150 should be doable at 43 or 52^ to give trap tools & the like. 3100 is more 44^ or 53^ to complete the 5* WITH royal tabards. 3100 is doable at the lower level, just much less likely/more expensive.


I am not as married to the issue of team level requirement jumps as I am to bringing back all ascension items that cant be farmed into a rare quest. A rare quest shows up, that should be an opportunity for all players to be excited about for at the very least they can beat stage 4 which should have compasses and gloves, 3* items you need to level up every 4* hero and above. Realistically, yes, all 3* rated loot needs to be in stage 4 and 4* rated loot needs to be in stage 5. That would be the RIGHT thing to do.


I’m not married to it, I just see a level of reasonableness to 4/5 being rewarding/challenging and a stepping stone to passing 5/5 at something similar in challenge. I get you could be 2 5* & 3 3* so it is super rough but the mix of hero’s is different to me. Bringing back both 3* & 4* rewards in one quest would be good for the game overall.


I find it frustrating to do rare quests for items to ascend five star heroes I will never get. Or for the one I have that I can’t get past the third ascension because I can’t get the three star items I need.


Still no nature ascension items on the nature quest.
Maybe because the last boss is… yellow (?)


The reason for the large jump is basically an ascension level across your whole team. I can understand the jump to an extent.

And FYI, I’m not sure if you tagged me just as part of the discussion or what, but I’m not staff or anything, I’m just really vocal and salty on the forums :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I thought you were actually staff. I thought I was the only only who’s was the rage machine here. LOL LOL

By the way, any way you can post a link to the info about our ascension issues being addressed in 1.6? Thanks!


That post you referred to was the link to that topic, and one of my posts in it. FYI, community moderators like Coppersky just assist with closing topics and the like, but there are three real staff here, and you can find them linked in the topic I mentioned above. “Nature Rare Quest has no ascension rewards.”


I agree the final quest is way to hard i have tryed 4 times niw used dragons flages and potion to still loss i have even did the continue fight for 75 gems but to no Advil so i agree it is hard but i will keep trying i need those items


@Starhunter67 If you can, post your roster, and I’ll see if I can give some recommendations on how to get through the last stage of the rare quest :slight_smile:


Ok this is what i have


I would bring Caedmon, Grimm, Kelile, Sabina, and Boldtusk (yes, I know two fire heroes and no holy, but you don’t have good single hitters). In every wave of attacks, focus fire down enemies and leave one alone while you ‘miss’ attacks and fill up your heroes mana, all of your heroes. Once full, use tiles to attack the last enemy and move on to the next round.

Feel free to mix up that line up as needed, but really, you’re lacking in a lot of good single target hitters, but you have GREAT options for healers.

Of course, using hero moves in a certain order is important too, at the boss especially, hit Boldtusk, then Grimm, for his defense debuff, then Caedmon and Kelile, should put a handy denty in the boss. And this is where carrying mana pots is critical, because it can be that little push to get in major hits and / or another heal.

You might want to consider bringing more mana potions, and less banners / regular potions. Also, never under estimate simple arrows, they can go a long way in making sure attacks miss.


Thank you i will try that out much appricated


Is there an ETA on 1.6?


Nothing that I’ve heard from the devs.