Make raids more incentivizing

I recently had a discussion in my alliance about raids. There were basically two types of players mindset about raids: 1) They raid every day and fill their raid chest twice daily, and 2) They really just couldn’t be bothered by raiding. Why? There’s little incentive to raid.

Cups really don’t matter much these days, and sure you can get some recruits out of it but there reaches a point where you have so many back piled that there is no need to go looking for them. You can also get some ham and iron but often it really isn’t worth it for some of the busier players.

Might be nice to have more incentive to raid. Maybe offer some common/uncommon heroes after winning a raid, like you can get after completing a stage with world energy. Maybe add in some items, like backpacks. I can’t be the only one always needing those!

I personally love raids. I can face all kinds of different heroes (that I’ll never get) and try out different heroes against them. But sometimes it really it a headache filling those chests up twice a day. Might be nice to sweeten the pot a little, simply with some items or uncommon/common heroes. A little can go a long way sometimes.

Edit: This idea wouldn’t cost anything, just have SG add randomly generated loot like every time we complete a stage with world energy it we get farmable items and uncommon/common heroes or troops. :slight_smile:

I have been saying for a while that they need to do something to improve on raids…
At the moment it’s just trophy bragging rights for veteran players - so they need to improve the “rewards” for a win …. And definitely improve the raid chest rewards …
Not too keen on the idea of having a super tier above diamond level because I doubt that would change anything…
As it is now a number of players are cup dropping just to fill the chest on a daily basis …
And currently I mainly only undertake “revenge” raids …
Just my two pennies worth…


What about VIP section above diamond. Take some whales out of the general pool. They’d pay to compete. But yeah a reward would be nice, it is raiding so you should be able to loot some goodies. I thought with the bridges we’d eventually be able to leave to raid or help other bases

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I wasn’t thinking of a super tier, but just an update on the current roads they have now. Like every time we complete a stage with world energy it randomly generates items and uncommon/common heroes or troops. Was thinking of that but for raids. It wouldn’t have much of an economic impact on SG revenue, as I’m sure players aren’t spending buckets on uncommon troops and heroes and other farmable items. But would help out FtP players and be more rewarding for everyone!

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I would certainly like more rewards from raiding. here are some stats to support the premise:

in the polls here:

only 2% of 167 voters picked Normal Raids as their Top 3 Most rewarding game modes,

and 27% of 149 players said Normal Raids were among the top 3 Least Rewarding (ranked 3 of 20 game modes)

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