Make Raids and Wars less boring by formattions

I have a such proposal for make raids and wars less boring.

  1. Defender can select a defence position from all possible variations (like in Springvale with 4 Foxes around Lady Wool, like in Atlantis, when you can hit only 3 enemies with tiles, and back 2 only after killing first, and as in S1 7-4, when wings is on front, and tank is on back)
  2. Defender can attack defence as-is or make “an ambush” - change enemy position (formattion, not order) to desired. Ambush should success for like 20% of tries, 20% should be outright fail and fight as-is, and 60% random different formattion should be selected, and ambush should considered “partially successful”.
  3. For wars there is a different situation - I want battlefield team placement really matter, and enemy formattion should be predefined due to relative position (for example, if attacker and defender in same column - then plain old fight, if attacker is in left column, defender in right - order change to Atlantis 5, when you can damage only left wing, left flank and tank by tiles, right heroes inaccessible, if attacker on right - mirror prev example Atlantis 5).

What do you think about this proposal?

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