Make raid energy flasks relevant

Now with these raid tournaments going on, being able to fill up your chest with tournament kills plus the 6 raid attacks will usually, if not always complete a raid chest daily, thus making the raid flasks rather obsolete for the people who are not that enthusiastic anymore about normal raiding. The flasks are just piling up in my inventory and i really can’t find any use for it anymore. I am quickly losing enthusiasm about tournaments as well since i can’t afford spending gems all the time and rarely it happens to complete a tournament with one or two attacks left. For a while now i just stopped bothering using gems to reset the attacks. If you guys agree, i think it would be a good idea to have the choice to use either gems or raid energy flasks to reset the tournament attacks. I think it will balance the tournaments a bit as well, giving casual spenders more chances to finish a tournament. And most likely raid flasks will become more appreciated. What do you guys think?

I rather see tournament flasks introduced: 🃏 Tournament flasks [Surprise, April Fool’s prank]

Raid flasks I use to gain a lot of iron. Raid flag waste = iron wasted. Only raiding targets with 20k+ iron.


I think that’s a great idea, especially if you have an ample supply of raid flasks - you got my vote. I on the other hand love to raid and have no flasks in my inventory, but your idea is about choice, and we should have that.

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I have 45 raid energy flasks. I’d rather use them in a tournament than normal raiding. This idea gets my vote.

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