Make Path of Valor possible for new players

Not sure why it would take you 5-10 days? If the building isn’t upgraded and researched I’m sure it will take a day or two. I think…

In response to making it more accessible for new players, as others have responded it takes time to reach higher levels of status in the game. There are some things which are achievable, such as the summoning of troops/ hero which is available in the path. It’s taken me over a year and a few months and I still only have 7 4* heroes and 3 5* heroes none of whom are fully maxed. Which I agree can be annoying. But it’s part of the game play.

When you first play they don’t open up several things for you till you have reached a higher level. To make it easier for new players. Being as it’s a strategy game as well as very lengthy. It was hard for me in the beginning, it takes time but I got there. Develop your 3* heroes, try not to use many emblems unless you are willing to reset them.

@Nexus1254 for sure some levels are not for the newer players but to give you an idea of what you can look forward to as another player pointed out. There are other events to look forward to. Join a nice team! Lots of good players out there willing to help. :blush:

@CaptainEsid & @Halifax it should be playable for everyone! When I started I wondered why a lot of things were locked then I realized it was too make me learn more about the game and get better at it. It’s not to discourage players but to get them more invested in it. But think on it for a moment you have two players at the same level one is buying gems and one isn’t the one buying can possibly gain a lot more than the one that isn’t. So to be fair there’s probably a lock on that. If you want to reach 5 star you need certain ascension materials that takes roughly a year and a half to get without gems. Over all I feel it’s more about fairplay for everyone. You can have the 5* but what’s the point if you can’t ascend them or have resources? I am frustrated I can’t ascend my 5*!!! So I work on my 4s and 3s :grin: level them up to win!!!

Think of it this way if you are building a city you need finances. Once you have the finances you have to build an infrastructure such as roads and wastage and water lines. You can’t get a loan immediately it takes time to see what assets you have to get approval and yada yada. Then comes buildings and other such structures. So in this way the game teaches you to be patient, build a foundation and move upwards, progress is slow but worth it.

In regards to it not being playable for everyone it’s hard for SG to make it for every individual player. There are some level events that have easy, medium and hard levels. For players that aren’t advanced. They do those every 2-3 months.

You don’t have to achieve all the goals. Do what you can. Take your time play for fun. Like life the game only gets harder until you reach a certain level then you can cruise on by. Its 50 days this path thingie, today you won’t get one, tomorrow I may not get any because of my level, that just means I have more work and fun ahead to build up to that level. See the ones you can achieve and have fun doing it. Lots of them are long term maybe tomorrow’s daily goal will be easier.

But at the end of the day it’s a game. Have fun and enjoy!

Trust me once you get your first full 4* team it gets easier. Don’t rush through the stages. Just have fun. It’s not a race. :grin::+1: