Make Path of Valor possible for new players


The idea of Path of Valor is very good, but I feel as a new player, that I am not able to solve significant number of quests so I doubt that I get much of buying path of Valor as much as other high level players. Just to give an example, I need to complete 3 Dense Fog Map Stages which I saw happening in season 2 province 7,8… And I am not yet finished with season 1 being lvl 19, and not having a hero with 4 stars. Another one is to craft 3 super antidotes, that I will be able to solve for 5-10 days or so, and this is a daily quest. Other valor pass quests I feel to be preaty fair for all players.

Maks Boskovic

I’m playing this game since December, 2018 and I share the same feeling: new player don’t stand a chance in completing this event. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Nexus1254 Hi :slight_smile: Exactly, and those examples are only quests on day1, I can imagine those yet to come. I am willing to pay for something but only if I am not in worse case than other players. Like buying diamonds for atlantis pulling, someone has luck, someone doesn’t, but we are all equal. I am not feeling it is the case here.

Well, this way you have something to look forward to, a goal that’s ahead of you. This game is a grind, so you won’t be able to complete/finish everything early in the game. Otherwise, you’ll get bored quickly. Rejoice!


I agree with Guy. You could say the same about other features of the game, which are virtually impossible to complete as a newer player (last level of emblem / costume / rare quests etc…)
But this should motivate you to take your account to the next level


considering how bad the rewards are, you’re not missing much anyway.


Hi, I don’t agree that it is the same thing. You are grinding of course, and by last levels of emblem/costume you are getting stronger and that is your reward after all. If I want to pay something with real money, why would somebody be in better position than myself? Need more gems than me? Need more epic troops, hero tokens than me?

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I get your frustration, but let’s put it like this : if everything can be completed by a level 19 acount, what’s in it for level 60+ accounts then ? It would be boring as F…


It’s only been active for a few hours! Just do what you can on it each day it probably wouldn’t be worth buying but still maybe get some free loot in the 50 days it’s on!


You want all the content of the game purchasable and playable on your first day?

That would not be fun for most people and would kill the game.

Play, enjoy, have patience. Go the free path for now.

Most of us played for six months or longer before we could compete well in even minor events like Shrikewood; longer to complete them!

The entire event has to challenge the top players - it’s not for you. The part of the event you can do - that’s the part for you.


This is absolutely true. I couldn’t finish many of the challenge/seasonal quests for over a year. I couldn’t do the Christmas challenge the first year but finished it this year.

I know it must be very difficult for newer players who feel that everyone is so much further ahead but, in my opinion, that’s why I believe it’s really important to play at your level, with other players at your level, and enjoy your accomplishments as you get them.

If you’re playing in an alliance where every other member is far above you in level and time-in playing, you’re going to feel very frustrated.

Find like-minded players and enjoy the journey :grin:


TBH I agree with OP and I’m surprised at all these comments to the contrary.

I am high enough level to do all of the challenges easily. But I don’t think it makes sense to forbid low level players from buying VIP. Or atlantis offers. Or challenge offers. Or summoning on premium portals.

So why should they not be able to buy this? This is different from actual storyline content or pvp. There are places where challenge is appropriate, where new players can never hope to compete.

And then there are things that have no business being locked behind level requirements (I’m using level requirements to mean being strong enough to do it here.)

The only reason I’m not a big supporter of this idea is because the rewards are so bad either way there’s no point.

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Hi guys, almost all of you have some good points on this topic, but lets be sure we are on the same page.

@Halifax I domn’t expect everything to be purchasable from the day one, but I deeply feel that everything should be solvable even on lower account levels. Let the higher levels have their tornadoes and time stops and everything low level account doesn’t need, but let the smaller levels also pass the quests and have rewards for ITS LEVEL. I mean, everything in the game should be coresponding to the account level, even those buy offers. If lvl 60 acc also gets trade offer to buy 15 healing potions for 200 diamonds then SG need to involve some more programmers for the game.

@bboyvince Why not make an event fully playable for all ranks? :slight_smile: Give rewards according to ranks? It would not be boring for anyone, it is boring now for some players who are not able to attend.

Do you think if you waited for over a year that is is good thing? I strongly disagree upon this point…


I was thinking the same. Hopefully it will get better.

I never really questioned it. I’ve always accepted that it’s a long, grinding game. I play it for daily entertainment so if it takes me three more years to complete some things, that’s fine with me.

Personally, I don’t understand why some players want everything in the first month. To my mind, that wouldn’t be as much fun. If I got everything right away, finished every challenge, etc. then I’d be bored.


I am new also. I don’t know how to get into Path of Valor. I’m tapping on the icon and nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong. I totally agree with CaptainEsid.

If you are sure that no other windows are poping, go and report the bug on the comunity :slight_smile:

I feel we are not on the same page. Once again, I cannot have 5 5*heroes in the team and I am fully willing to grind for that, but why not allow new players to have fully participation in every feature?

Like we have tournaments with 3* heroes I can take part in as well, if it was only for 5* you would ask me why don’t I just wait 3 years? That is not the point, I want to participate and to be able to solve my quests and to get apropriate rewards. I hope you understand what I want to say.

I do understand the frustration. I’m wondering though, with the Path of Valour (correct spelling :grin:), that even by not being able to complete EVERY challenge, like the S2 dense fog, that a new player can still complete enough of the other challenges to get most, if not all of the rewards?

I don’t know the answer to that and we may have to wait until this first one is over to find out. Hopefully, this being the first one, players will be able to offer feedback to SG and perhaps adjustments will be made.

I totally agree with your sentiment that every player should be able to PARTICIPATE in every event, even if they aren’t strong enough to finish it.


Are the milestones and mission goals the same for all player levels?

If yes, that could be adjusted to make it reachable for everyone who p(l)ays actively. :wink:


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