Make "obsolete" 5* hereos easier to get

I have realized the thing that is annoying me the most about the Three Kingdoms war, the tower events and the upcoming Element events is that as a C2P/F2P player I just don’t have the roster needed for them and no real way to get them short of spending $. I feel like this game is missing some sort of catch up mechanic allowing newer players or players who don’t spend to at least get access to older heroes so they can actually participate in the majority of the game.

I know they aren’t going to just give us heroes or pass up the opportunity to continue to monetize things so this needs to fit into the game without majorly impacting that so my suggestion is for older heroes like S2, S3, S4 or even events that are being returned like Morlovia add a cheaper option to pull for heroes that only includes the older heroes.

So for example you could do a S2 pull that doesn’t include the heroes released after S2 was fully released or the costumes for the heroes or a chance at the HOTM(*) at a noticeable discount. So no chance to pull Tethys or a Poseidon or Ariel costume. Lets say reducing it to 10% of their original cost so 30 gems for a single pull instead of 300 or 260 gems for a 10 pull instead of 2600. If you are a F2P/C2P player and just want a few more heroes for your roster so you don’t have to level duplicate S1 heroes just to have a deep enough roster to be able to complete the newer events you have the option for cheaper pulls.

Yes I know that’s a huge reduction in cost but E&P has already decided that the big spenders won’t spend gems and therefore money on these heroes because they already have most of them or they have better heroes from newer sources which is why they added the costumes and new heroes. To give them reasons to continue to spend on those pulls and this won’t change that. If you want a chance at those new costumes/heroes you have to spend the full price.

You can also scale the cost depending on how old and powerful the heroes generally are so maybe 10% for S2, 30% for S3, 50% for S4. Numbers obviously can be tuned to their liking and also adjusted over time.

I feel like this does a good job of making heroes more accessible to new player or players who don’t pay but shouldn’t cost E&P a bunch of money from their whales. It might even help them as I’m certainly more likely to spend $10 on gems if I can do 30-40 S2 pulls and likely get at least 1 new 5* hero rather than getting 3 or 4 pulls at something and likely not getting anything new or useful. I’d certainly be more interested in roster spots if I had more unique heroes worth actually keeping. Same thing with the ascension mats or even emblems/ethers from PoV. They are a lot more interesting when I have good uses for them and I’m not using them on stuff just because they are my only option.

There are other ways they could accomplish this same type of thing too. Instead of cheaper pulls they could just crank up the odds of pulling the event heroes. 10x odds to pull a 5* event hero with the remaining split proportionally between 4* and 3* event heroes would be very similar result.

*I didn’t originally include this one in the list of exclusions but I feel like I can go either way on it. Big spenders seem to have no problem getting the HOTMs every month with all the other things for them to pull on so I don’t think it would really matter to them but I could see E&P not wanting to make them that common for everyone.

the lack of accessibility for even older 5* has always annoyed me. if only the chances to get them would be better! even Hero Academy 10 does not deliver very often…


I would rather the obsolete season 1 Heroes be either converted into new families or adopted into the most appropriate of the currently existing families.

Season 1 Heroes consist of at least two characters from the Robin Hood story and so I think there should be a new Robin Hood family made and with the missing characters added in.

Season 1 has at least one pirate character that would fit right at home with the pirate family.

Season 1 also has at least two dwarves that should be adopted into one of the two dwarf of families from season 3.

Season 1 has at least two five-star elves that should be adopted into the season 3 family, not just because they have the look but also because they are literally encountered on the journey through season 3.


Those old heroes should simply be added to our training camps - either to TC20 or to new, higher training camp levels.

No P2W player would stop using S2 or S3 portal when they might get standard Freya or Ursena from a training camp. A F2P player, however, would be happy, not to see the eleventh (standard) Horghall or Justice.

Moreover, with the release of secondary costumes, it wouldn’t hurt SGG if they made a building that produced the first tier of costumes. P2W would not stop hunting the double costumes when there is some chance that a “Tailor’s Hut” would produce an old S1 5* costume every now and then.

The newer non-trainiable heroes and coatumes are still miles ahead, but the leap would at least be a bit smaller and the vast majority of players would be a lot happier.

That might make the S1 heroes a little nicer but doesn’t really do anything to make more heroes accessible to newer players or players who don’t spend for gems for pulls. Much like costumes and double costumes don’t really help newer plays either. Just another portal you aren’t going to get many pulls from without spending money for gems.

I think that ship has already sailed. They had the chance to add S2 heroes to TC 20 or make an “advanced” training camp and we got the hero academy instead. Adding the older heroes to another building would conflict with the HA. Also for F2P/C2P players you are probably already running TC20’s to have heroes for the Soul Exchange so I don’t see that they need to make it any better for them.

The HA has had a chance to produce the S1 costumes for a while and per the patch notes it can already produce the new costumes too.

The new Legendary Classic Hero Costumes will also be added to the pool of Legendary Costumes obtainable through the Hero Academy. Unlike the Costume Chamber, the Hero Academy will only produce ONE Costume at a time. Obtaining one of these Costumes via retraining will NOT provide that Hero’s “other” Costume.

I don’t think we can hope for any better than what we’ve already got for those things with no gem costs which is why I suggested heavily discounted costs instead of something with no gem costs. A discounted gem costs gives a f2p/c2p player the choice between quantity or quality for spending what ever gems they do have to spend.