Make Ninja Tower less frequent (quarterly)

Let me start by saying I love Ninja Tower.

But every other month is not only resource draining, it’s taxing mentally.

Quarterly or even semi-annually would be better.

Disagree, ninja event is one of the most fun. Just don’t use items, much cheaper


Also disagree. Ninja Tower is the best part of the game. I don’t find it too resource intensive but I want to use more to rank better. But I know I can always limit my resource use and still get most of the rewards.


I can say for myself I can never have enough of Ninja Tower.

I didn’t climb past level 9 but the whole idea that the tower operates on non-World Energy and gives great free rewards to even the new players not only in the form of emblems, but also in the form of food, iron and experience, is great. It helps even with the monster chest if the player has something more worthy to spend that WE on - like some nice quest that had come up simultaneously with the Ninja Tower - for example Find Gems.

And the fact that the next time one could hope to climb even a bit higher also makes me look forward to it.


So ignore it every other iteration maybe? What do you lose?

Let others enjoy it every two months, while you get activated competitevely only once per quarter?

It’s already too rare imho. Those couple days every two months are the only time in the game when I am fighting monsters and actually have fun doing so. If anything, it should be monthly if you ask me.


This. :ok_hand:

Just as the Mythic Titan. Basically it’s a new way to spend some more time while you don’t have to sacrifice any other energy.

I honestly sometimes get bored and I have exactly noting to do on the game as advancing on S3 hard takes 2 hours for the required energy to refill. And having a titan / tower with extra energy would be awesome.


Again, disagree. You do not speak for the forum as a whole, you don’t want to do it, then skip it.


Sorry, but I guess nobody likes the idea of the OP… yet. I too don’t want this event to be quarterly. I’d rather subscribe to this:

Fully agree. :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Why would you deprive other players like me to get chances of obtaining tower coins, emblems, perhaps some ascension mats or other goodies, and a chance of summoning those pesky ninjas?


yeah, I also find Ninja Tower a bit tedious, BUT I do like getting more emblems.

I figure, let everyone play as much as they want.


Not only that, it’s a great time to use all those extra troop tokens. A big NO from me too.


No, I definitely don’t. That’s what the voting system is for. But clearly, this idea doesn’t have traction.

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I think a lot of people agree with you. I see a lot of hate for NT.

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I definitely don’t hate it. As stated, I love it. It just kind of makes me nervous also and I kind of dread waking up every morning while it’s going.

No way I’m passing on it or anything like that. It’s great content. It just makes me so anxious.


I find it tedious, but I plan to keep doing it for the rewards. Sooner or later I’ll actually finish it. (I think I was 42 or so last time…)


The emblems are what it’s all about for me. When people complain about the rewards I just don’t get it.


Totally agree. If you can complete the tower you are getting something like 300 emblems at the very least, and my last haul was around 450. Emblems are THE differentiator in being able to form multiple effective teams in war and raiding (assuming your roster is static, so not factoring in lucky pulls) and are the best way of progressing your heroes. The bang you get for your buck for emblems is much, much higher than troops (other than when you are able to make a 10-tile hero into a 9-tile hero or a 7 into a 6 using mana troops). I’d happily have it rain emblems in favour of almost any other type of loot in the game.

On a side note I do agree with the feeling of anxiety you get with this event - you really don’t get it with any other game variant - balancing the high risk of sudden perma-death against maximising your score is both terrifying and thrilling.

If I had a choice I’d rather have it back to monthly.


How do I cast a negative vote? Yes, NT is a chore but it’s also a tremendous source of emblems. I’d prefer to have it monthly. It’s a much better use of time than challenge events, IMO.

The only things they need to do is scale the difficulty better, it would be nice to be able to use 3* and 4* heroes longer, and that should also fix the time issue by reducing health of enemies early this event it won’t feel like a time consuming drag. The rewards are good, but it does take alot of time.

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what i don’t like about it is the 10 energy per day.
I’d rather have all 50 flags from the start and finish it on my time instead of the time restriction.

resources aren’t an issue if you play carefully and save your best heros for later


There are cheap Ninja Energy flasks to help you with that.

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