Make Morgan Le Fay Great

Evelyn but I’d be very happy with MLF

Damage distribution and debuff, self healing, dispel, all inclusive package

MLF - self healing only


I just maxed her special skill, but the damage it does is lower than I’ve seen it listed at. I fought her in a Raid and that card said 532 over four turns, and another post said her max damage was 600+ over four, but mine is only 432? Am I missing something?

The damage will increase with her level as it scales with her base ATK (so troops included).

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Ok thanks, I’ll keep an eye on that.

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Oh, you were right! I went up a couple of levels and now the card reads 436. I hadn’t realized those fixed damage amounts went up as your attack goes up!

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Morgan Le Fay is my only non-standard 5* hero. While I was happy to finally get an “unusual” hero, I don’t really know what to use her for and if she is worth it to be leveled.

I thought that she might be a good tank for defender teams, but I have my doubts now. Last week in a raid I got an opponent who used a nearly maxed out MLF as tank. His team as a whole seamed too strong for my team of level 70 heroes (I don’t have level 80s yet), but I wanted to see MLF in action as a tank so I attacked him. I was shocked to see how easily I could kill MLF (and then his whole team), especially considering that with my same team I always struggle against Kashhrek tanks even when I have good boards.

What role do you use MLF for? What are your experiences when fighting against her?

I like Morgen. Sometimes I put her on the edge at wars and at the end she’s often the last one stading.
My green raid team ist Alby,grimm, Evelyn, Areon aaaand Morgan. Great with her high attack. Also her skill doesent interfere with riposte.


This i can get on board with. A hero that buffs againat gravemaker would be an asset to the game

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