Make Morgan Le Fay Great

Hello devs,

Would you consider making Morgan Le Fay’s special draw HP from the target and nearby allies instead of just the target? Everything else stays the same.

Green heroes are kinda weak defensively (except Yunan I guess) and Morgan is quite underwhelmed considering the likes of Guin and King Arthur from Avalon.

Maybe this can make Morgan a green Guin and her special kinda fits this Halloween theme.


Lmao you’re crazy if you think Morgan will be balanced draining 1800 health over 4 turns with fast speed and with a 94% fire

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Not that extreme lol… maybe less but hit 3 targets at a time…

I don’t find the buff for green too much to deal with… most red heroes got high attack stats.

Morgan is arguably top 3 for war defense. Otherwise she is mediocre at best but for war she is MVP. She’s fine.


I see her like once every 100 raids in top 1000.

For wars, I don’t know 'cause my alliance is not too strong.

Let me guess, you have Morgan Le Fay. I get it, you have a semi decent 5 you wished was better so you could make better and bigger strides in the game. My first 5 was Khagan. I remember vividly how elated I was, overjoyed I had finally after months of playing gotten a 5. Then I took a closer look at him, and noticed how not a single team in the higher ups were using him. Then I remember vividly the let down feeling. This is the game sadly. There are at least a dozen 5’s who could use a push to make them top level viable, thus giving us all better teams and creating much more diversity and strategy. SG doesn’t seem to want that though, because that would slightly reduce the size of the carrot dangling in front of all of our faces. If most of 5’s are “meh”, that increases the chances of us wanting to spend to get better ones that aren’t.


I don’t have her. She’s one of the 5 heroes I don’t have, but her special kinda fits this Halloween theme so I thought of her.

I’m not sure if how hot a hero is is decided by SG. People just tend to prefer offensive heroes to defensive ones and mimic formations used by top players (especially the case of Guin and recently Gravemaker).

How high you can climb globally heavily depends on your raid offense. For defense, people just either go for what they have or what are used most by top players.

The nature of the game itself discourages many from experimenting something new.

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She seems fine to me.

Green heroes are kinda weak defensively (except Yunan I guess)

Zeline, Alberich, & Lianna are all great legendary nature defense picks in my personal opinion. Evelyn, a nature hotm coming in december seems like she will be great for defense


For me, Morgen is okay. As already said, she is great in war, but I also use her together with Alby on raid attacks against blue tanks. (I dont have Lianne or Zeline). She is doing her job fine. Especially against heroes with reposte. Mjam :smiling_imp:

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I too think she is well balanced.

You don’t see her in top 100 because Guinevre is just better, but it’s not that Morgan need a boost, rather Guin that is just broken.


Guinevere disrupt your team’s flow without dealing damage.
You are asking for a damage increase (with annexed heal) to an already good tank.

It would be like making Gravemaker heal on his DoT and we know that we don’t need that…

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I agree with everyone except the OP. :joy::joy::joy:

Morgan Le Fay is immortal. Make a note for that. Immortal. Specially with healing aid being the modifier for war. We had an opponent with her that ate SIX flags to die (ok that was the first time we recognized she was immortal). That was about 2 months ago. After that one of our comrades who had her maxed put her on his defense. After that he was oneshotted only TWICE! ■■■■ I get oneshotted 3 times per war!!
Morgan is great and awesome. I want one. Lucky are the ones who have her and dumb are the ones who don’t use her


I meant defensively since red heroes got high attack stats…

I meant defensively so she could be a great tank. :slight_smile:

I don’t deny that she’s good. Just an idea of making her great like Guin… :slight_smile:

I think each color kinda specializes in a particular skill set. Holy does mana reduction and blindness. Green seem to do attack debuff and a lot of weird and maverick tricks lol.

I’ve never faced her in war and my alliance is weak.

I don’t deny that she’s currently good. Just throw an idea of making her great like Guin. :smiley:

The only “improvement” I would make to Morgan is her buff against fire being extend to nearby allies, somewhat like Perseus have with with nature.


Not being the best choice for a tank, especially not being an over the top tank like Guin, doesnt mean a hero is automatically weak defensively.

And by her stats she actually seems like quite a fine choice as a tank. She’s just not overpowered.

Morg doesn’t really need to be buffed, Guin needs to be nerfed. Making her mana slow (or) decreasing her defense stat and defense buff would make her less game breaking —but that would make the whales cry who spent $500 dollars to get her.


Morgan Le Fay or Dec HOTM Evelyn? who would you prefer? who is better?

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