Make me a raid team! (And I will record it)

Hello and happy new year to the forum community! :smiley: It’s been a few months since I made this thread and thank you to those of you who gave me ideas for my first set of videos! I had a load of fun recording those raids. I’ve had quite a few updates to my roster since then so I wanted to bump this thread. I’ve updated the menu below. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sick of the diamond grind and need something to spice up my raids. I was inspired by @NittanyLionRoar 's awesome random teams experiment (you all should check out his videos if you haven’t already btw!) and wanted to do something similar - a jankier version. :nerd_face: :crazy_face:

My roster isn’t nearly as cool, but I am crazy and I’ll raid with anything! Post a team you want me to raid with from my roster! Anything is fair game - unleveled heros, dawa, muggy, all crowd favorites! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can request some other weird condition too - red tank only for green team, 1000tp more than my team - within some reason plz, I want my raid to last more than 5 seconds :rofl: Or create a cool synergistic team I never thought of! I’ll try my best to meet your requests and record a raid. I might end up cursing, I apologize in advance. :joy:


How about cGunnar, Boldtusk, Colen, Elena, Mist


hmmmm :thinking: cMel, Tibs, Caedmon, Rigs and Clarissa, gotta include her, she’s your avatar :grin:…probably gonna be underpowered but I know that’s your comfort zone :grin: two healers with decent tile damage should help with that

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Wukong, Wilbur, Boldtusk and 2 slow aoe hitters (Isarnia, Lixiu, LJ, Agwe… whoever)

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Thanks for the team suggestion! :grinning:

I actually tried 2 raids and got amazing boards both times. :rofl:
The first raid really shows the power of having attack up on your team and defense down on your enemies at the same time.

The second was against a 19 node Telluria team (not with her usual companions, but I think showcases what Elena and Colen can do when they get to fire)

A few more thoughts on the combo:
Smart to pair C-Gunnar with Elena! I avoid using her with Wilbur for the most part as his spirit link and defense up really decreases the effectiveness of her riposte. (Except for on titans). Haven’t tried Isarnia with Elena on the same offensive raid team before either but this makes me want to try.
Interesting to put Mist with C-Gunnar. I didn’t really show this in the videos, but when I use Mist with Wilbur on the map I’ll fire one or the other first depending on what effect I want. Mist first for pure defense down if I really need to snipe a boss fast or something. C-Gunnar/Wilbur first if I want spirit link and think I can make everyone explode at once.
Had fun making these, thanks again for the suggestion. :slight_smile:


Might take me a little longer to make those raid videos as taking a spontaneous family trip tonight. :smiley: @RomanLeviticus @Peazomanco Thanks for posting! I’ll def find something fun to raid with those teams.

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Actually want to open this up to other YouTubers! Anyone else that might think it would be fun to raid with teams that other people create for you? :smiley: I’ll edit the thread accordingly if anyone is down! I’m sure I’m missing people - feel free to add.
@Mallix @Guvnor @King_Kyree77 @jinbatsu @Razor @IvyTheTerrible @Ebonest @NittanyLionRoar
@Uclapack already has a ton of videos with weird teams and maybe you already made something like this that I missed (so much great content!)


It looks like your emblem’d Rogues are Li Xiu, Scarlett, and Kelile.

I’d like to see a raid with those 3, plus your 3x60 and 1x1 Amoenna’s. See how many attacks/skills you can dodge!

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Actually believe it or not, that’s on the high end for TP for my offensive teams. XD Thanks for the nice synergistic team and great to hear from you Roman! :smiley:

I ended up doing 2 raids, won both! Sharing the first one here - won comfortably with that godly starting board hahaha.

The second one was a revenge raid against this team (I can’t tell if they put it up as a joke too :stuck_out_tongue:)

That one went into overtime but I was never in danger of dying from slash attacks even with BKs special on with my two healers. :rofl: Mother North revived Aegir twice too. :laughing: Might actually use this team next war. :smile:


Thanks for the bomb team suggestion! I did two raids with this team too - the first one I lowballed and hit a team weaker than me haha :laughing:

but I charged up wu and wilbur and tusk and isarnia killed everyone in one fell swoop. (They didn’t have that much health left in the first place though so not that impressive haha - still cool.) The second one I tried a stronger team and couldn’t fire specials in the ideal order (would have risked wu dying before I could fire him.) Very drunk raid, misses and bomb hits all around. :rofl:

Really like this team combo too! Def will try wu and wilbur with AoE more often, especially for war haha. The only big challenge is getting the specials to charge simultaneously so that you can fire them at the ideal time (or waiting for more specials to charge but not die in that time haha.)


So I recorded this one on a road trip LOL (I’m not the one driving don’t worry) so there’s no sound sorry. :laughing: Also not much dodging loll I’ll need to raid a team with more hitters or something.

I love this idea though!! So fun, in fact I think I’m gonna level all three of my Ammeonas at some point so I can do more ghost raids! (I’ve been told this is a terrible waste of resources but I’m sure I’ll reach a point in the game when I’m out of good heroes to level but rolling in mats and feeders if I play long enough haha.)

Maybe a little unfair of me to raid someone that clearly forgot to change their offense team back to defense when they logged off… that’s why they should use a different team slot for offense though! :stuck_out_tongue:

1.1 Ame was the only casualty - she couldn’t survive the slash attacks :laughing:

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Thanks for sharing the video.

That was a great tile damage (those who actually hit) And the name spell was mostly correct. Spanish can be a little tricky, our “E” is spelled always the same: Just like when we say Pencil or something like that.

I will suggest you 2 more teams

Pulverizer team: Grimm + Gormek + Tiburtus + 2 healers of your choice.

Holy fast: Joon + Mist + Chao + 2 other characters of your choice.

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Wilbur, Agwe, BT, Missandra, Colen

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Tried out both! :slight_smile: Thanks for all your great suggestions! And noted, I wish I could speak Spanish!! :smiley:

Ramming pulverizer team was pretty fun - I decided to use Kiril and Costume Mel as my healers (even though the def up overwrites, I can accept that as I wanted one normal healer and one HOT. Also wanted a debuffer so Mel fit that bill haha.)

It’s a nearly rainbow team so definitely depends more on getting nice combos than a heavier stack. Very obvious how low my unemblemed Gormek’s attack is especially next to my heavily emblemed Grimm and Tibs :laughing: I prefer to use Gormek as a meat shield next to my riposte heroes. :stuck_out_tongue:

No commentary these raids haha still on a road trip. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also tried the fast mana holy team! Actually very similar to one of my typical raid teams - I usually use Costume Li, Mist, Joon, Chao, Rigard against Kunch tanks. I think I prefer more aggressive yellow stack against Kunch tank teams actually :laughing: I actually lost twice (probably made some bad moves and struggled to get enough yellow matches to charge specials before opponents fired at me haha). Still a fun team though! Decided to bring Rigard and Costume Mel as my healers so I had two different ways of countering defense down from Kunch and Athena.

Third try was the charm haha.

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Mostly Lagoon Family Team! I like it :slight_smile:

Tried it against this costume Azlar tank team and charged up 2.60 Misandra just in time! This was my first time trying her out in a raid actually and that little mana boost sure is nice! :smiley: Unfortunately she’s behind Magni in my long queue for scopes haha but definitely planning on getting her to 3.70 in the nearest future so I can use her in more raids! This actually inspires me to try a Lagoon family only raid - so Muggy, Gato, Wilbur, Agwe, Misandra. Sounds like an awful team! I might just try it :rofl:

No commentary for this one either haha, on the road.

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Hehe @Itty that’s why I suggested that team. I thought if cGunnar went off first, the synergy of the rest of the team would light them up! Notice I picked AOE heroes and an attack booster for the others so they did maximum damage. That was the goal! Good job.

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I wanna see a vanilla red vs “Velluria”: BT, Falcon, Gormek, Sumitomo, Scarlett…

Edit, that’s what I lead with, how do others go with it?

No problem, @sft1965 my usual Tell/Vela raid team is Scarlett, Kelile, Rigard (vanilla because I don’t have the costume sadly), Elena, Tusk (with costume bonus).

Happy to record something if you’d like. :slight_smile:

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Took me a while to do this video haha. I’ve been cup dropping the past few days so I had to raid my way back up to find a Tell Vela team. :laughing:

I figured why not go all out and raid a 20 node GTV team :rofl:

Took me two tries, first time I couldn’t really charge special until Tell had already gone off three times :sweat:

2nd time was the charm - yes good starting board and still lots of luck involved, thank you revive and evade! :rofl: @Lloyd6770 there’s more evading in this video than my rogues and ghost raid ironically :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope that satisfies!

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Thanks! That was almost as stressful to watch as it is to do in person. I find it riveting how other people play boards.:blush:

EDIT: Scarlett on left wing is something I have never considered.

PS. +20 teams and I’m out of my depth usually.

EDIT 2 @itty I have to ask about the flank Rigard too (while I have your attention). How much use does he get in this situation as a cleanser generally?

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