Make loot tickets usable for raids we've won! / Or create a new Raid Ticket

I have 100 loot tickets that are of little use to me.

It would be nice if we could use these Loot tickets for raids that we’ve won.

I also wouldn’t mind being able to use loot tickets to buy iron or food or gems!


So if you’ve beaten me once, you could then spank me 100 times for all my cups and resources without fighting my defense again?

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Your loot tickets will get you food and iron. You just have to, you know, use them.

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And burn my world energy–that’s BS!

What else are you doing with it?

Farming a few high-level provinces in a jiffy works for me.

And they’re good for timing a level-up with a titan.


I use them for a quick level up (23-11), or to fill red elemental chests quickly (20-4).


Slaves building pyramids; that’s what we are.

I am not voting for this idea.

Comparing players to slaves building pyramids? lolwow


For me I keep 8 ready for that fast lvl up all others I just use to fill chests. Yes it uses my world energy but wether I farm or speed farm the result is the same

Don’t know if this has been mentioned before if it has feel free to merge it. There are endless complaints about raids and devs like to sell items that ppl will purchase so why not sell raid tickets. Each raid ticket would cost you a raid flag similar to loot tickets costing you world energy and in return you would get five heroes towards your chest. No other items just the five heroes. The opponent doesn’t lose anything and you get to fill your chest without the anxiety of raiding.

Change outposts in Season 1 so they are replayable. They already use 1 raid energy.

Allow loot tickets for any outpost replays. They already work for replaying stages.

While this will not solve the cup dropping problem, it could be part of a solution.

It would also let me use my 83 raid energy flask. Leaving Titan flasks as my least favorite flask now that Atlantis Rising has me excited about World Energy flasks.

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I didn’t know cup dropping was still a problem? Once they created the different loot tables for diamond platinum etc… I stopped dropping cups. Are you saying that the loot in the different tables makes no difference therefore cup dropping is still a big thing?

On a different note love the replay raid idea.

Too many issues with this idea, IMO. Would you just pull up a previous win from your tower, and auto-win? What if your foe has changed his defense in the meanwhile? And do you really get to keep stealing cups/resources from one other player repeatedly? Not liking that.

Loot tickets are fine in their current form because (a) farming runs are basically the same from one day to the next and (b) they’re not disadvantaging any other player. Raid tickets violate both.



Several changes have reduced the problem of trophy dropping, but not eliminated it.

A large portion of my alliance used to set 1* 1.1 defenses. Almost none do it today.

Many trophy droppers do it for lots of reasons, but they all come back to “most efficient for their play style”.


How do the trophies work for the Outposts in Season 1?

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The game pulls up a random easy target when you go to attack the outpost for the first time. It’s basically the same as finding a raid opponent but with a lower target range of trophies. But once you’ve beaten that foe, you don’t keep playing him.

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I Think I’m a Clone Now

This is starting to jog my memory.

Each outpost has a trophy range of X to Y that is fixed by the province not your current trophy rating.

The game creates a one time clone of the opponent that you fight for -A/ +B trophies and the usual raid rewards.

Because of the low trophy range ( X to Y ), and my high trophy rating when I decided to complete Season 1, all the clones were +1/ -60.

Drat. This requires more thought.

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