Make loot tickets easier to accumulate!

Ok so far thee last few chests Iv opened or other loot, iv been getting more loot tickets like 3 at a time but more than normal got 21 in the last few days, have they changed the drop on them anyone else noticed this or am I getting lucky?

must be lucky. I’ve even had elemental chests showing up with 0 tickets

My game gives away plenty but you do need to grind to work on your heroes. However you can use loot tickets regularly to get things you need to make grinding not such a chore because its a good place to practice with the heroes you get regularly. They make money in many different manners and not hoarding things from players but instead giving them tons to do is just a better all around practice in my eyes.

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plenty? Accumulating tickets isn’t even enough to loot ticket my way through S2 hard levels during AR when flasks are used

I currently have 3 loot tickets…but I use them as I get them, so that makes no nevermind… :wink:

I would LOVE more loot tickets!! With working and events for kids and grandkids, I use loot tickets to stay up to date. The never ending auto play gets old and I have not the time to sit there and push the buttons sometimes. Loot tickets are a time saver when life gets in the way. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me more loot tickets!!