Make loot tickets easier to accumulate!

I’ve recently picked up a different game where loot tickets are so common you basically never have to rerun a cleared stage and can just collect loot in minutes.

This has made me realise how silly all my atlantis farming and even daily 8-7 farming really is.

I understand SG wants to sell these for $$ instead, but maybe it would already be nice if they were a bit more common to get.

Elemental chests for example provide 3-6 tickets. Lets break it down.

  • You get 1 every 2 weeks
  • one chest allows you to spend your WE for 1 time a day, for 2 weeks
  • lets assume your max we is 39 for this
  • this would translate to 13x 8-7 runs per day.
  • so if elemental chests gave 13x14 = 182 loot tickets, it would still allow you to only use them once a day!

so my proposal is that all sources of 3-6 loot tickets are increased to 150-200 and it would still be fine.
This would eleviate a lot of tideous stress and needless effort on this game, as well as make atlantis fun again

I would also love more loot tickets, especially as f2p. My understanding is that a few updates ago they reduced the amount of loot tickets you can get as an award. I was not a fan of that update.


Yeah, well, reality bites. SG figured out that there are players wanting to take the shortcut route in farming, so they thought selling loot tickets on top of flasks would be their best way of squeezing some bucks out of those “lazy” players. So, without paying gems for real money or through VIP and POV, the only way to hoard loot tickets is to open as many chests possible. As it was years ago, i don’t see this changing in the near future. If you are F2P or C2P, then grind. If you are P2P, enjoy the benefits of being wealthy enough to buy loot tickets among other benefits.


I used all loot tickets save from Atlantis to Atlantis I had 45 this time round which is about 11 a week. I used 22 flasks could of used more as auto grind for hours straight does get boring haha also takes your time up.
But can’t see them giving out any more I’m actually thinking of buying the loot ticket deal and one challenge event deal a month.

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Yeah and as long as there’s big money in loot tickets it’s unlikely to change. Unfortunately you can’t measure longlivity on revenue

Yeah it’s good marketing haha atlantis is where most of my farming goes for the month recuits n backpacks I still need. The deal ain’t to shabby either really I’ll still keep to my budget, but alot of people I know do like the loot ticket deal,

Here, maybe we can trade? Give me WE flasks for tickets. I will grind while others whine


Or you could just buy world energy

Them asking for more loot tickets

You complaining you don’t wanna buy world energy

Wtf is the difference there lol

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Not complaining about WE, since I got plenty too. However loot tickets shortage can be over come with a little work.

Holy ■■■■ dude haha :smiley: if you paying that much you might as well use it no? :slight_smile:

Please enlighten me how you would solve loot tickets shortage without spending?

who says I am paying that much? There free except for vip

I still enjoy playing with my friends and wars. But it’s these small things that could make the game more enjoyable. And yes, I’m sure when I will quit the game, it largely because of the many not-fun aspects that don’t have a way out without paying in this game, and partially because of telluria and the need for higher quality heroes to efficiently counter her.

So bottem line remains, I’m making a suggestion to make this game fun, and I’m sure many people will agree. But I guess as a P2P you don’t understand :slight_smile:


I love loot tickets. I voted yes. :wink:


If I was a rival game and I wanted to steal people from another game I’d make lots of stuff be easier to get at the start. Then when the player base started to grow I’d turn the tap off.

But it appears I’m just cynical and these other games will clearly keep giving away everything for free and make zero money…

I’ve played a couple of lookalikes. They didn’t hold my attention, or get my money (such as it is)…why is that? What’s the secret? :wink:

Oh, and Back to topic! :grin:

I am voting for this specifically in the sense of reverting the stealth nerf to loot ticket drops that happened a few months ago.

Before that I was able to get ~100 between Atlantis events, now it’s down to 30-40. They no longer drop in sixes, and barely drop at all.


No “stealth nerf” or hidden decrease… everything was announced & stated in release notes:

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I stand corrected.

However, the average number of tickets I’ve been getting has been more than halved, so I’m unsure about that “slightly” wording.


I’ve never noticed that, that’s just rediculous