Make item that sets off all special tiles on board

One item that when you use it your limited to use 1 sets off all special tiles on board. Has to be crafted using crazy amounts of titan parts and maybe it could be called titan bomb.

Lol if I could do that I’d win every battle far too easily! I can’t see this one happening

Did you read it? Lol not raids. It’s for titans and story. You only get one. You have to make five and four special tiles on your own so?

Yes I read it and it would be far to easy! Idk what teams you use but for the guys with depth too easy.

You have nnnoo idea who I am in game haha. I’ll just leave it at that. I’m talking about one item that you can use only once that sets off your already pre made five gems or four gems. Not like it’s creating them.

Let’s say you made 2 matches of five you can use the one item to set both of those off at once. No more special tiles and no more special item as you can only take one like a miracle scroll

Your right I have no idea that why I said idk lol good luck lol

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