Make it possible not to do raids and be raided



Make it possible not to do raids and be raided.
Off course this means that the raid chest will also be not available.
The bonus on food production earned by winning watchtower battles must also be stopped.
Further should for entrying a alliance no longer cups but teamstrength be asked.


I agree that a toggle for raids would be nice… If I’m going on an overnight trip with the family to a Waterpark /zoo or whatever I shouldn’t have to come home to a loss of 300 trophies.

But if I can’t raid/be raided then the watchtower should be frozen too. Just stop all access to that feature for the time being because the watchtower is only there for raiding purposes. It shouldn’t just be a cheap way to hoard supplies…


Agree maybe half the earnings while it is only temporarely most of the times?


They only want our money, they ve just put shields. This game only runs as one of the that makes money on gambling.they won t have me soon as a customer and they never seen a penny from me. It s getting worst.


If i would put this in the game, i would also make it so you can still be revenged. Who like when the player toi want to revenge always active ?


this feature exist. check out the in game store


I know about the raid shield. I wish revenge was possible even if the guy have raid shield active. I only gain trophies with revenge. Killing players that underestimate me.


I agree, but turning off raids should conclude in loss of all cups.
Also, the players top should be by different KPIs (key performance indicators)

  • cups
  • team power
  • raids won
  • war fights won
  • war points
  • stage level
  • stage played
  • combos
  • connected time
  • the total power of all heroes
    and so on
    Right now, the top is like that:
    … and the most luckiest players are…