Make it fair thieves


Make it fair I just bought 3 10xs summons and got 1 4star I already had the rest 3star to add insults to injury they were all duplicate of each other.then I get these :black_joker: raid me with 1100 trophies with 3to 4 5star characters how the hell is that when in at least 8 xs10 epic summons I can only get 1 5 satar and never once a bonus anything


And to top it off they make it I’m possible to farm anything to ascend up 4 stars characters to top level but they sure sell alot of these might have at least to of. I say we should boycott buying till they make it fair they’re just robbing us taking advantage of the fact that people live the game


I feel ya. One can spend over $600 and not get what they want. I’ve been there.