Make heroes require significant less emblems

I think if hero emblem requirement will be divided to 10 to all heroes, game will be more fun again, because anyone will can emblem as many heroes as he want.

Or just increase the amount of emblems, make it easier to move emblems from hero to hero, and load the front end of emblems with bigger increments of improvement than the backend

Either way could work tho


@Rigs agree. But this will not increase emblems significantly.

But if you will reduce emblem requrement for all heroes and reset all players’ emblems (give it in blue symbols again with old amount), then you will can emblem 10 5* instead of 1.

And it will be good for anyone.

Idk if a forced reset & redo would fare well but maybe?

I think forced reset will be easier to do in server than count each hero and give now not needed emblems back.

Yea but hams & iron become the issue

If i had already maxed 5 or more heroes to 20 and was forced to reset and do it again, I’d be a little ticked off i believe

And I’ve seen some that have the 20s on their defenses and other heroes in offense between 5-10

So that’s a huge amount of hams, iron, time already invested

I could be wrong and maybe they’d welcome the idea(I’m not playin so no sweat off my back either way)

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I don’t believe SG would drastically decrease the value of one of their most valuable items in the game. And the much I’d like to emblem up all my heroes, if I had tons of emblems and wouldn’t need to plan on who I emblem up… it would be kind of boring. And the result would be that you would only face fully emblemed opponents all the time, in each tournament format and also in lower raid arenas. That would mean, a hero could only be considered maxed & usable when fully emblemed. I’d appreciate a moderate increase in loot though.

And also more options to move them more easily would be great. Something like:
-Being able to remove only a certain amount of emblems
-Getting 50% of ham and iron back, when removing emblems.

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Ham and iron should be returned in forms of bundles after force reset, like with AL will be.

Good. And there will be a way for keep differently emblemed dupes, because now dupes will be unemblemed almost always.

What prevents someone from switching emblems across different attack teams during wars? Yes, limited reset tokens, etc - but will still happen.

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1st i heard about the AL returns. So that could make it slightly more possible if they’re already settin that precedent

In my honest opinion, the introduction of emblems and the way they are applied really did unbalance the game.
Everyone shouts about OP heroes the latest being Telluria and Vela.
But SG really does need to think about what it can do with emblems to rebalance the game

I think the opposite. I still have 2-3 emblemed four star heroes in most of my attack teams except for one. And I beat 4.6+k teams… When emblems were new and each hero just had a few, my Proteus often died before he could fire. Now, with emblems he survives often long enough to fire, even though the enemy has nearly fully emblemed five stars. It’s the option to choose which stats to boost what actually helps the game balance, imo. You could argue, that before emblems the power difference between 4* and 5* was the same. But from my experience, an emblemed four star has better chances to stand against an emblemed five star than unemblemed 4 star vs unemblemed 5 star.

And for balancing reasons, I think the different costs for different rarities are right. People who have not much five star heroes can still deepen their roster, cause they can emblem up three four star heroes while another player emblems up one five star… same emblem costs would widen the gap between ftp / ctp / ptp enormously.

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